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26 Jul 2018
Second victory in the pre-season, Ortolá and Quique González debuted, the latter scored one of the three goals.

Second friendly game on the pre-season of Deportivo. Natxo González presented a 4-4-2 formation with Guilherme making his first appearance (he was injured against Fabril) and with Fabril’s Blas Alonso covering the right side on defence.

Depor dominated the ball in the first half. It didn’t have depth to create scoring opportunities and neither suffered in defence. Álex was controlling the traffic of the ball at midfield without too many problems, while the team only had danger through Cartabia and the penetrations of Blas Alonso by the right flank.

The first opportunity in the game came until minute 25, after a combination on the right wing, the ball reached the path of Christian Santos, who ended sending the ball over the crossbar after collecting it at the box when he was marked by a rival.

Bergantiños CF had a chance to score at minute 29, it was after a bad clearance that allowed Jorge Cano to fire from the left corner of the box, but his attempt only hit the net by the outside. That was the first –and only- mistake of a defensive line that didn’t suffer any problem throughout the match.

The first goal in the meeting came at minute 39, Álex released a volley from midfield and into the right wing, Blas Alonso arrived alone to release a low cross that Guilherme only had to push in.

The second half started with Natxo González changing the entire team, which included the debut of goalkeeper Adrián Ortolá and striker Quique González, the most recent additions to the first team.

Depor’s first chance to score in this half came at minute 56, Christian Santos stole the ball at the edge of the area and assisted Uxio inside the box, but the striker lasted too much and his shot was deflected by a rival.

This half had the same apathy of the first, because Bergantiños CF never created any harm and Depor had the ball, though once again lacking depth. If in the first part Cartabia was the most active player, now it was Carles Gil the director of the game, plus a Sebastian Dubarbier that was always joining the attack by the left side.

And the second goal arrived in a lateral free-kick earned by Dubarbier on the left, Carles Gil took the ball and released a great cross into the far post, Uxio Dapena arrived on time to score through a powerful header.

Ortolá only appeared once and it was to catch a long attempt by Ruben Rivera (85’), and then Depor scored the third goal. Quique Fornos entered the area by the right side and released a drilling cross, and Quique González managed to touch the ball at the box and his heel attempt slowly went in close to the near post.

Bergantiños: (4-2-3-1) Christopher (Buggy 46’) -; Rubén Balsa (Facal 46’), Marcos Rodríguez (Baleato 46’), Marcos Caridad (Granada 46’), Aarón (Jacobo Lois 46’) - Agulló, Diego Fernández – Cano (Pereira 57’), Pablo Losada (Jorge Sáez 46’), Cañi (Toni 46’) - Rubén Rivera
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Dani Giménez (Ortolá 46’) – Blas (Fornos 46’), Bóveda (Mujaid 46’), Pablo Marí (Sidnei 46’), Saúl (Dubarbier 46’) – Mosquera (Caballo 46’), Álex (Edu Expósito 46’), Guilherme (Gaizka Martínez 46’), Pedro Sánchez (Carles Gil 46’) – Cartabia (Uxío Dapena 46’), Christian Santos (Quique González 46’).
Goals: 0-1: (39’) Guilherme, 0-2: (70’) Uxío, 0-3: (88’) Quique González
Referee: Sergio Espasandín. He showed yellow card to Marcos Rodríguez (19’)
Venue: As Eiroas



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