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09 Aug 2018
New victory for a Deportivo that improves as the league debut is approaching. An own goal and a header of Pedro Sánchez secured a new sucess in the pre-season.

Sixth friendly game in the pre-season, the rival is CD Lugo, another Segunda club and the only Galician apart from Deportivo in the league. The game was played as the XXXV edition of the Manolo Martín Memorial and was in favour of Banco Farmaceútico, an organization that brings medicine to poor people.

Coach Natxo González presented his 4-2-3-1 formation with names that can start to give an idea of the first lineup in the regular season. Domingos Duarte left Albentosa on the bench, while Pedro Sánchez was the preferred option for the playmaking function leaving Carles Gil out.

Deportivo controlled the actions at the start, the first chance to score was for Cartabia with a low attempt that was saved by local keeper Juan Carlos (8’). After this opportunity the game became tedious, because no one was dominating and neither creating scoring chances.

It was necessary to wait until minute 29 in order to witness a new chance to score, this time it was Pedro Sánchez  with a direct free-kick attempt that was saved by Juan Carlos. And suddenly the game became intense.

Depor scored first in the game, Pedro Sánchez assisted Caballo on the left and his cross was deflected into his own net by keeper José Carlos. Just three minutes later Lekue attempted a low shot from the edge of the area that Dani Giménez deflected it to corner-kick.

And the second goal arrived before the break, Edu Expósito released a cross from the right and Pedro Sánchez headed the ball home past a José Carlos that should have done better in the attempt to block the shot.

There were two modifications at half-time with Álex Bergantiños and Borja Valle taking the places of Mosquera and Cartabia. Depor started strong in the final part as Pedro Sánchez was close to score with a new header after a cross of Quique González, and this time José Carlos made the save (48’).

Up to this point Depor were better in the game, they had the ball the major part of the time and Lugo were having problems to create opportunities. Their best chance was a possible penalty of Bóveda over Jona that the referee didn’t want to whistle (55’).

And just one minute later the same Jona was going to score for CD Lugo, it was a cross of Lekue from the right that the ex-Fabril striker connected at the far post. It seemed that the locals were growing in the game, though Bóveda was close to score at minute 58, this after hitting the woodwork connecting a cross of Pedro Sánchez in a lateral free-kick.

Then Natxo made three new chances with Uxío, Carles Gil and Krohn-Dehli entering the field. The game lost spark with the substitutions as there were no more chances to score. Dubarbier, Gerard Valentín, Albentosa and Pablo Marí were the last substitutions leaving Edu Expósito as the only outfield player that stayed for the full 90 minutes.

Deportivo: (4-3-1-2) Dani Giménez - David Simón (Gerard Valentín 74’), Domingos (Pablo Mari 74’), Bóveda (Albentosa 74’), Caballo (Dubarbier 74’) – Mosquera (Álex Bergantiños 46’), Edu Expósito, Celso Borges (Krohn-Dehli 63’) – Pedro Sánchez (Carles Gil 63’) – Cartabia (Borja Valle 46’), Quique González (Uxio Dapena 63’).
Lugo: (4-2-3-1) Juan Carlos – Leuko (San Emeterio 66’), Bernardo (Vieira 66’). Seoane (Josete 66’), Iriome (Kravets 66’)-. Dongou (Lazo 66’), Luis Ruiz (Aburjania 66’) - Juan Muñiz (Azeez 66’), José Carlos (Campillo 66’), Sergio Gil (Escriché 66’) – Jona (Cristian Herrera 66’)
Goals: 0-1: (36’) José Carlos (o.g.), 0-2: (44’) Pedro Sánchez, 1-2: (56’) Jona
Venue: Anxo Carro



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