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18 Aug 2018
Depor added the first point, it could have clinched the victory but a doubtful penalty allowed a fair draw for an Albacete that was always in the fight.

Coach Natxo González was debuting and did it with the formation 4-3-1-2, the one that he will be using throughout the season. But the surprise was to see Diego Caballo and Edu Expósito at the starting lineup, duo that was performing with Fabril some months ago.

Dani Giménez was the starting keeper, David Simón covered the right side in defence, Caballo covered the left, Eneko Bóveda and Domingos Duarte were the centre-backs. Expósito, Krohn-Dehli and Álex Bergantiños were the trio at midfield, Pedro Sánchez was the playmaker, while Cartabia and Quique González were the attackers.

At Albacete Balompié, coach Luis Miguel Ramis chose a more defensive squad of what was predicted, he presented a 4-5-1 draw with Rei Manaj sat on the bench. Roman Zozulya was the reference in attack.

The game started with a delay of fifteen minutes, there was a big storm before the kick-off and the lights were off at the Carlos Belmonte stadium. 

Good first part for Deportivo, the Galicians slightly dominated, but continued to have the problem of not creating too many opportunities. Diego Caballo was the most active player in attack, while Cartabia hit the post.

Depor had the first shot in the game through Fede Cartabia, the ball went wide as he fired from the edge of the area (3’). Five minutes later Carlos Acuña had the first chance for the locals, but he missed the target.

The visiting side was looking better, but Albacete was the side having the arrivals. At minute 9, Febas starred a quick counterattack that ended with a shot that was an easy catch for Dani Giménez. This picture was repeated throughout the first part.

Quique González had the first big chance in the game, Caballo released a cross from the left that the striker headed out with the ball passing close to the woodwork (12’). Depor started dot look better on the pitch, but wasn’t having chances and it only gave a sense of danger though Caballo and his penetrations by the left flank.

Actually, it was Caballo was the first one to complete a shot on target for Depor, he caught the ball at the edge of the area and his attempt was blocked by local goalie Tomeu Nadal (23’). In the next play Albacete was close to score with a cross of Acuña that Jérémie Bela sent out.

The big chance to score for Depor came at minute 31, Krohn-Dehli assisted Cartabia at the edge of the area and his curved shot met the woodwork. Deportivo continued dominating the actions, but there were no more clear opportunities in the half.

Deportivo found the goal when it was more erratic on the field, and ironically it allowed the equalizer when the victory seemed secure. The merit of Albacete was to always stay in the fight before a rival that didn’t left a good impression.

The start of the second half was more equal, Albacete was having more presence in attack, while Depor were insisting in having the ball, but there were no clear chances within the first 15 minutes, just a wide shot of Edu Expósito (58’).

Krohn-Dehli had a solid first half, but in the second he was more busy in the mark, so Deportivo lost presence in attack and Quique González started to look too alone. Meanwhile, Roman Zozulya was pretty active for the locals, but he wasn’t finding the ball inside the area, so nothing was happening on the pitch.

Caballo appeared at minute 66 after been assisted by Álex, but his cross didn’t find a receiver. Then Natxo made the first substitution and Borja Valle replaced Cartabia.  The modification was trying to refresh the attack and Depor were going to find the goal when they seemed to be fading away.

It was a lateral free-kick with Pedro Sánchez releasing a cross that Nadal failed to clear, Álex Bergantiños headed the ball into the post and Domingos Duarte was there to push the rebound in from close range.

The second modification at Depor was the entry of Pedro Mosquera for Edu Expósito. The draw was now 4-2-3-1. Albacete was close to score at minute 83, but neither Rei Manaj nor Zozulya were able to define and Domingos Duarte cleared the danger.

It seemed that Depor were caressing the victory, but everything fell apart in the final stretch. And it’s that the locals earned a doubtful penalty. Substitute Susaeta released a cross and Fran Garcia fell before David Simón, the referee whistled the penalty when it seemed that the defender cleared the ball first and Krohn-Dehli was sent off for protesting.

Substitute Rei Manaj scored from the spot and Albacete suddenly saw that they could win the game, Pablo Mari replaced Quique González as Natxo tried to protect the result and the locals had a good chance to score in a direct free-kick by Susaeta, but he could only hit the wall (90+3’).

Depor didn’t do the merits to deserve the victory, but it is a painful result as the team had the three points inside the pocket until a doubtful penalty was whistled in the final minutes. Not a good debut for the team, but there were promising individual debuts like Domingos Duarte and Diego Caballo

First point on the season and Depor will continue the “tour” as the Riazor is not ready yet. The next game is the visit to Extremadura UD (Friday, 20h00 CET)

Albacete: (4-5-1) Tomeu Nadal - Álvaro Arroyo, Caro Martínez, Fran García, Tejero – Acuña (Rei Manaj 75’), Jon Erice, Eugeni (Jean Jules 66’), Febas, Bela (Néstor Susaeta 46’) – Zozulya.
Deportivo: (4-3-1-2) Dani Giménez – David Simón, Bóveda, Domingos Duarte, Caballo – Edu Expósito (Mosquera 77’), Álex Bergantiños, Krohn-Dehli – Pedro Sánchez – Cartabia (Borja Valle 66’), Quique González (Pablo Mari 86’).
Goals: 0-1: (70’) Domingos Duarte, 1-1: (85’) Rei Manaj (penalty)
Referee: Valentín Pizarro Gómez. He showed yellow card to David Simón (36’), Tejero (40’), Pedro Sánchez (54’), Caballo (65’), Zozulya (71’) & Domingos Duarte (89’). Krohn-Dehli was sent off (84’)
Venue: Carlos Belmonte (5,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (51% - 49%); Attempts to score (4 – 3); Total shots (15 - 10); Shots on target (4- 2); Saves by the keepers (1 - 3); Corner-kicks (2 - 3); Offsides (1 - 3); Fouls committed (16 - 12); Passing accuracy (78% - 74%)



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