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21 Aug 2018
There are five players that could leave before the closure of the summer window, four of them are outfield players that will need to be replaced.

The summer market closes its doors on next Friday, the last movements at Deportivo are depending on the exits. There are five cases of players that could leave, four of them will require a replacement if their exits are materialized. The following is an analysis of the four players that might leave in the next two weeks.

1- Tytoń: The only player in the list thatís sure will leave the club. Carmelo Del Pozo stated that thereís no room for him after signing two goalkeepers. Depor and MŠlaga were negotiating for him, but the Andalusians are no longer interested. It seems the club is only waiting to see if he can find a club to open the door, if not he will probably rescind in the last days of the market. The Polish is the only exit on this list that wonít be covered with a new signing.

2- Raķl Albentosa: Carmelo said in a past press conference that there were three players wanting to leave the club, one was Guilherme, the other one was Sidnei and the third case is unknown, some journalists believe itís Albentosa. The Valencian might be thinking that he has no secure place with the arrivals of Pablo Mari and Domingos Duarte, and idea thatís stronger after not been picked for the first game of the season. Itís true that he hasnít said that he wants to leave, but neither has come out to the press room to say he wants to stay.

The rumor is that Real Valladolid might be interested in him, it also commented that his exit will be covered with a new striker, this since the injury cases of Cartabia and Christian Santos are suggesting that a new attacker is more needed. His exit would leave the club with three centre-backs, but Mujaid or Steve One could be pulled from Fabril if the coach needs to fill a gap.

3- Saķl GarcŪa: After years going out on loan, it seemed that the left-back was finally getting a place at the first team. Despite his legal problems with the club and Valladolid, Carmelo said there was no problem with him, but the fact he didnít play in the last two friendly games was considered suspicious, and the doubts were bigger after he wasnít picked for the game at Albacete. His exit also seems logical taking in mind there are other two left-backs at the team (Dubarbier and Caballo), and it isnít totally clear if a new signing would be made if he leaves.
4- Borja Valle: The Ponferrada-born striker wasnít happy with the fact of not playing too much in the past two years; despite he was expected to be a normal starter on this season, he said during the pre-season that ďit was hard to be motivatedĒ, something interpreted as he wants to leave. Carmelo didnít mention his name, but during a press conference said that some player should decide now or will find out that he is a substitute at Segunda, and thatís what happened to him after been a replacement at Albacete. With his release clause been of only one million euros, it might be a tempting option for some Primera clubs.

5- Michael Krohn-Dehli: The Danish is happy at the club, but has the problem that his family lives outside Spain and is something he doesnít likes. The midfielder talked to the club and said he would leave if he finds something attractive at his home country. The club responded that his situation is understandable and that wonít block any exit. The option of leaving still exits, but seems improbable with the passage of the days. It is the most sensitive case as he was the only man on this list that was a starter in the first game in liga.



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