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23 Aug 2018
Carmelo el Pozo confirmed today that the club will sign a new centre-back and a new attacker, also that the idea is to allow the exit of Raúl Albentosa.

After Vicente Gómez was presented, Carmelo Del Pozo addressed the media and explained the situation in the last days of the summer market. He confirmed that Albentosa is at the door out, that the club already has a replacement (Michele Somma was later announced) and also that a new striker will be signed. He also said that the club isn’t expecting the exits of Saúl, Krohn-Dehli and Borja Valle. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Didier Moreno & Vicente Gómez: “As we commented before, if there were exits we were going to have arrivals, and we had the departures of Celso and Guilherme, and the coach plays with three centre midfielders so we need to have six, therefore we have covered the exits with these two arrivals. We have covered the spots with two good players, Vicente has a better treatment of the ball, Didier is more muscle and we understood we needed different profiles as the season is long.”

More exits? “Ten days are left in the market and on these days the moves are more of not foreseeable things rather than expected things, we must have clear what to do. What we cannot do is to wait until the last day in order to have an exit.”

Albentosa is going out “We are going to sign a centre-back, it’s evident, and it will be made in a short period of time. Because the situation of Albentosa could be fixed with an exit, and if there isn’t a departure then we will end up with five centre-backs, but the idea is to see Raúl going out. This centre-back is closed since ten days ago. In this case the arrival could occur before the exit. We understand that the situation of Albentosa needs to be fixed, since that point we need to search for a solution that isn’t bad for both sides.” [Five hours later the club was announcing the signing of Michele Somma]

Francis: “We said before that he is one of the three goalkeepers, the idea was to see him having continuity, there are several clubs interested and we are there, one of those clubs is the one you commented [Elche]. We will analyze the situation and decide if it’s good to see him going out as we did with Borja Galán. The two clubs interested can guarantee him the chance to play.”

Saúl García: “We had two left-backs and left the door open to see any player of Fabril showing up, Diego Caballo showed up and what we cannot do is to close the road to him. We now have three and they can perform in different positions, Caballo has played as winger and we will see how the market goes. The idea is to have two men per position with the exception of the centre of the defence and the left-back position, because we are doing in it in order to protect ourselves.”

Is Depor signing a new striker? “Yes, one more attacker is coming. “

Is Depor interested in Málaga’s Álex Mula? “There isn’t any agreement with Málaga. He is an interesting player, but we understand that if we need good players it is for the long term and not for twelve months, if we do that then it must be an exceptional player and there aren’t too many exceptional players at Segunda. We are going to bring players that are interesting in the mid-term, not in the short-term, if it happens it will be a rare exception.”

Krohn-Dehli: “I believe he can stay, but I know that, if something interesting appears to him within the last days of the market, he will take it. We are persons and later professionals, and he demonstrate it. He deserves that chance. He had an offer to go to a club from his region, but he didn’t think about it. If he is thinking in leaving now, then he would have said something to us.”

Depor will sign two more players “If nothing weirds occurs, we are signing two more players, one centre-back and one offensive player.”

Why Depor isn’t making big signings? “Depor made a big investment on last season and the situation with the salary cap is more complicated of what they think. There are clubs at Segunda División that cannot even sign due to the salary cap. You cannot make mad things and all of our players have been inscribed in order to compete, others can say the same. We made important investments before and we needed a balance. You cannot buy and be dead on next year if you don’t get the promotion to Primera División. We cannot play Russian Roulette to get the promotion.”

Borja Valle: “His situation is normal. I believe we will advance thing in the next days. We said before that it’s a process and we are close to it. I know him and know when it’s the right moment to make that move, there will be time to do it.”    




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