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15 Sep 2018
Depor’s coach believes that his team must have pause in a game where the rival with try to hurry things. Parralo was remembering his stage in A Coruña.

Natxo González addressed the media on Friday’s morning, since he and the team are in Segovia, the press conference was made via Internet. He warned that Alcorcón will try to have a fast game and that Deportivo need to be more paused. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Alcorcón: “It’s a classic from this league, and is strong and intense playing at home. Personally, I have suffered in that field. They kept the base from last year; it’s a team that you can recognize no matter they have a new coach. It’s a team that will be strong in defence, and it will be important to take the advantage. We must be aware that, if they claim the lead, then it will be hard to come back and add points.”

Importance of staying undefeated: “It’s important, the subject on here is to add and that’s our idea. Since that point, we know it’s difficult, but we are prepared.”

Expectations for the game: “They will press us hard, it will be a game full of secondary plays and set-pieces, and for my experience this field demands concentration. This team can lock you at your area and we need to have a paused game. It’s more difficult to have control of the game for the full 90 minutes, I’m sure that in many moments the game will be impossible to control, because the rival will try it that way, to have a fast game with ups and downs, but we must try to avoid it.”

 Worried for the two faces of the team? “Truly both halves [in Copa] were different. The team can be tired in this first matchdays and you must realize there’s a rival in front of you, for this reason is impossible to make ninety minutes presenting the same level. Truly you need to have a balanced level, but I am not too worried about it.”

Concentration in Segovia: “It’s a little of everything. We competed on Sunday and ended at 11PM, then needed to compete on Wednesday and Saturday. If it would have been one more day, then maybe it would have been different, but it was like that. In the other hand, we wanted to seize the moment and have a bigger interaction between the players.”

Christian Santos: “We add alternatives in attack, you know that we were limited there and in that sense it favors the status of the attackers. He is fine, the trip was long, but had the needed time to be in his natural form. The team is fine and we are waiting to response in the competition.”

The current state of the team: “It’s hard to tell. Yu already can see how we want to act, and from there we need to improve in attack.”

Rotations? “The team is the same and the idea is the same. After a week with several games there will be a change of names, but the team is the same. We still are Depor.”

Problems in attack “Luckily, we have the arrival of Christian, so we are better as we have more people for that position.”

Cristobal Parralo addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he is satisfied with the current start of season of his side and warned about the quality of Depor. The following is a summary of the things he said.

State of the team: “We worked at the top during the week, balancing the intensity of the trainings, so we can be in good shape for tomorrow’s game. So, we are fine.”

Facing Deportivo: “It’s a special game, because it’s a team where I was working on last year. There are good friends there. It’s in my heart.”

Deportivo: “They are a team that’ solid at the back, they play 4-4-2 with a diamond figure and also put people in attack. They are solid in defence and in attack have people that can unbalance the game.”

Passing the round in Copa: “Yes, it’s special, mainly because players without too many chances were able to participate. They met the expectations and only put things more difficult to me.”

The goal is to compete: “The objective is to compete in every game, so far the team has matched the expectations and, despite we had strong rivals in front of us, the team has been fine and competed until the end.”



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