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17 Sep 2018
Disturbing impression from a Deportivo that did nothing to try to win the game, the team even failed releasing the set-pieces and Krohn-Dehli set a negative record at the club.

The five notes from the game Vs. AD Alcorcón:

1- Clueless: Disappointing game from a Deportivo that never knew ho to face the situations that were coming on the pitch. It had the ball (52%), but wasn’t creating opportunities, because the ball wasn’t reaching the path of Cartabia and Carlos Fernández. Later, the defensive line never knew how to interrupt the counterattack from the rivals. And when Alcorcón claimed the advantage, Depor didn’t nothing to prevent them to waste time and live with the ball outside their area.

2- The trident didn’t work: Vicente Gómez was the only centre midfielder that was playing with criterion, the problem was that later he wasn’t combining with Didier Moreno or Álex Bergantiños. The Colombian never found the pace to attempt his runs and there was no connection with the attackers.

3- No responses from the bench: The substitutions ordered by Natxo González never reverted the situation. Krohn-Dehli did nothing to unclog the problem at midfield and ended seeing a red card. Carles Gil brought some light, but it wasn’t enough to change the picture, and Christian Santos was a desperation measure without consequences.

4- The tragedy of the set-pieces: Terrible game of Deportivo in the set-pieces, the team continues with the tendency of not releasing a cross after earning a corner-kick or a lateral free-kick, instead they try to create a secondary play with a short pass, and in this game it was a disaster. In the first half a corner-kick in favour ended in a counterattack after a bad pass when the centre-backs were at the rival’s area, in the last minute a lateral free-kick followed the same path and it cost the red card to Krohn-Dehli as he had to cut the play with the hand.

5-Krohn-Dehli and his two red cards in five matches: Michael Krohn-Dehli is the first player in the history of Deportivo that sees two red cards after only five league matches. The previous mark was for Djalminha (1997/98) and Aldana (1995/96), both saw two red cards after only 13 matches. The Danish midfielder is also the first man with two or more red cards at the Galician team since Luisinho (2013/14).



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