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27 Oct 2018
The second coach of Depor addressed the media as he is the one that will be on the bench. Reus’ manager is expecting to match the level of Deportivo.

Weird situation at Deportivo, the club announced that Natxo González was going to offer the press conference before the game, but in the end the sporting direction sent Bernardo Tapia, the second coach, something that surprised the journalists. Tapia will be the one directing the game from the bench as Natxo is suspended. He talked of the referees, the expectation for the game and the fact that he and Natxo are facing their former club. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Calm after the game in Córdoba: “We need to be focused in football, in the game, in what can happen on the lawn, the rest is apart. It affected and was an upset for us, but in the end a picture is worth 1,000 words. The important thing is Saturday’s game.” 

The referees: “You have more experience than us, and how things are done. We can only say that it affects us. What we need to do is to help each other. We asked the players to make an auto-analysis. We need to change the attitude; in general we need to change ourselves. It doesn’t help us to be pointing to the referee when they are wrong. What we can do is to manage the movement of the ball.”

Reus: “Reus is a team that’s brave. One of their virtues is to be loose. They have been playing with lads coming from Tercera. They have a short squad and are squeezing their performance. They could come here in order to press up front. They could surprise people as they could try to hold on the ball. They have the same idea and it has been polished within the last years. They know how to defend without the ball and don’t allow to be influenced by the stadiums in which they play.”

Facing the former club: “We will see people with whom we have worked for many years. It’s pleasant to face this team.”

Corrections from the game at Córdoba: “We didn’t play a good game at Córdoba, it is what we try to improve week after week. The valorization is to see if the team makes the game that the coach wants.”

Will there be changes apart Krohn-Dehli and Mari? "All the available players are ready to play. you know the coach, he likes to make changes, so since things are working, he will continue with the routine."

Will Somma be a starter? “He has the same chances than Bóveda. Any of them could play.”

Juan Domínguez: “You know him [Juan Dominguez] well. He’s adding a lot of things, even goals. Also balance and experience. I believe he is a good player in this league.”

Xavi Bartolo talked to reporters on Friday’s noon. He is conscious that Depor is the favourite side for the game, but is optimistic with his side. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The situation after the first home win: “This has been a quiet week after the victory on last Sunday.”

The system: "With the defense of five men we seek more defensive strength and more offensive presence. At the offensive level the system has not changed too much. At the defensive level there are more situations. But we will continue working with the line of four men, because it’s the idea of the start of the season and the team's performance has been important."

Deportivo: “Deportivo have a lot of individual quality in all the positions of the field. We have to try to counteract its strengths and influence in its weaknesses. Deportivo have just suffered the relegation and has a large squad. Natxo González is a special person for me. It has meant a lot in my career and I learned a lot at his side.”

Expectations for the game: "We know of the difficulty of tomorrow's game, but we are convinced that we can play face to face against Deportivo. Tomorrow is a tough game and against a team with a 4-4-2 system. We have tried to prepare as much as possible. If we are able to be strong and have personality we can win. It will be difficult to earn the possession against Deportivo. However we have to try to have it more. This will make us less anxious.”



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