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03 Nov 2018
Depor’s second coach expects a difficult game, but wants to see a Depor that can match the expectations. He explained that Cartabia won’t be risked. Las Palmas’ coach is convinced that his team is in-form and ready for the challenge.

Bernardo Tapia was the protagonist at the press room for the second straight week, the second coach of Depor talked to reporters on Friday about the rival, the expectations for the game and the status of Cartabia. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Match between teams at the top: “Only a few points separate the teams, in any case if you are able to add points, then you will still in that zone of the standings and keep the distance with a rival that will surely be a direct rival.”

Is this the first big test for Depor? “I think that yes, it’s the most important test, mainly for been playing away from home. All the games played had a difficulty, but truly we will see if we can keep the security that we have shown at home.”

The good moment of Depor: “The squad is in a great level; the concepts have been absorbed. But nothing is definitive. If you can keep the personality, then you have earned a lot.”

Las Palmas: “I believe their home numbers are pretty strong, to have only allowed one goal at home says a lot and, taking away the game against Albacete, in which they receive a late goal, and the open game with Alcorcón, they have been strong at home, and from there they stayed up despite not having the results on the road.”

Rafa Mir, Araujo and Rubén Castro: “Those are very determinant players, any of them can score and are vertical in counterattacks. But apart of these virtues, they have more. This is a tough team to beat. They are careless for not having the ball and their transitions are vertical and lethal.”

Is Depor thinking of a draw? “Before the game no, the goal is the victory and it would mean a morale strike for them. The goal is the victory, we are Depor, but it depends of how the game evolves. The important thing is to not lose and to continue evolving playing away from home.”

Cartabia: “He is fine and is having good feelings. It’s also important to remember that Borja Valle is suspended and for that reason maybe we won’t hurry him, because we know his characteristics, he is explosive and could have problems [Cartabia received the medical okay to play, but wasn’t included in the roster)”

Repeating the lineup? “You have seen how we work, we have a competitive squad and the good thing is to see the players feeling important as the matchdays pass. The team should not feel affected with the changes, and no one should be feeling more important. The team is open to changes. If you see the work of Natxo González you will realize the results don’t affect his decisions. Generally, there are changes, but it doesn’t mean we will have them this week.”

The rival doesn’t like to have the ball, is this good for Depor? “I don’t know. We feel comfortable having the ball. We talk of their characteristics, but I cannot tell you about their essence. They manage the transitions really well and are also good with the ball. They don’t deny the ball possession, what happens is that neither feel uncomfortable without it. It’s not that they start the game thinking of not having the ball, but don’t feel uncomfortable as they have other virtues that can be exploited.”

Manolo Giménez talked to reporters on Friday’s afternoon. He is foreseeing a game in which his team won’t have the ball, but is convinced that his men are ready for the thing shown in recent games. The following s a summary of the things he said.

Deportivo: "I hope it's Depor who has to worry about us. It’s the team that’s doing the best job in the league, but we have very important players. It's a team that has experience, enthusiasm, young players. It’s a candidate, but like all teams they have shortcomings and we will try to remove them and minimize ours. If Depor have more possession than us, then we will have to take it away and go out in a counterattack."

Return of David Simón and Vicente Gómez: "It was sad that they left, because they entered my plans. They have given their reasons to leave. Having players who don’t want to be here is a delay. Vicente is a player with great tactical qualities and David Simón is a long-distance runner. I wish them the best after tomorrow's game. "

Little continuity of Mantovani and Deivid: "It's something that worries me, but a professional has to be predisposed for when the opportunity comes. Neither of them has had much luck with the injuries. Deivid was injured throughout the pre-season and Mantovani has had muscle injuries. There are other options besides them."

Is this a key match? "Very important that the points remain here, for the rival as they are a candidate for promotion and the closest one at the standings. We come from playing in Majorca one of the most complete matches of the whole season, except for the final minutes of the first half. The team is very strong and we are giving the best version of us."

Pressure: "Yes, we need to have pressure, because they expect a lot from us. We have to have self-demand, if we want to be up we have to have a great regularity. With Numancia and Mallorca I saw that the team was very well. They are looking for a good result and we want to avoid it. "

David García' is out of the game: "Yesterday he tried to be with the group, it wasn’t possible, he had to withdraw, today he will not train, so he is out of the game."




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