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05 Nov 2018
The coach and players believe the result was fair for the things done on the pitch; both coaches have their opinion in the incident that cost the expulsion of Tapia.

Second coach Bernardo Tapia was expressing his satisfaction with the point added, “It’s phenomenal. The game was escaping and to score at the last minute it means an impressive satisfaction, but I believe the 1-0 was unfair and in the end football made justice. Our proposal was to always search for the rival’s area, in the first half we lacked decision, but in the second we received a quick goal and we started to have chances that weren’t defined, maybe we lacked security in individual moves, but I believe we deserved the point.”

Later he was explaining why he was sent off, “You are nervous and I was under the impression that the rival’s coach was telling something to my player, and I was defending him. There were no insults, nothing. I was defending the player, for the reaction of Carles [Gil] it gave me the impression that he told something to him, so I went for him. I made a big mistake: to be too hot of what was necessary.”

Asked about the performance of Domingos Duarte, he preferred to emphasize the job of the whole squad, “I believe it was the whole group. To emphasize somebody above the rest… If you want to talk of Domingos for scoring a goa in the added time, it gave us the point, but it was a punctual moment. I believe anyone could have scored that goal. I believe we matched the level of the match and the rival.”

Dani Giménez was commenting the game, “It is a complicate game, in the end I believe the circumstances, especially the goal allowed, made us to be too hurry with the game, but neither Las Palmas did something to deserve the victory. For individualities and or our push it was possible to equalize. Maybe in the first half we could have made more damage.”

The keeper believes the result is fair, “I believe that yes. Both teams were equal, they could secured the game with their chances at the end, but they didn’t do it and we pushed until the end. The equalizer in the end gave us a plus of joy, but we need to analyze what happened.”

David Simón also believes the point was great, “The game was equal, after their goal we attacked and they had more chances, but I believe the draw is fair. We tried until the end. This year it happened to us in some games, but this time we were the ones scoring at the end. In the first half we had the control, maybe we should have made more damage, in the second they scored and we tried to move the ball to the sides.”

Vicente Gómez also believes the game was equal “We knew the game was going to be like this, they are really good and we knew we were going to suffer. When things were calmer they scored a great goal and things changed. I believe that, when one of the sides was better, it came a goal from the rival.”

At UD Las Palmas, coach Manolo Jiménez was explaining what happened with Tapia, “The second coach came looking for a fight. I was in a calm conversation with Carles Gil, because I told Araujo to stay on the ground and this man came as crazy for me, I believe he was wrong.”

He also explained what he told the referee at the end of the game after Depor’s goal, "Isn't the penalty the only play that must go on when the time is over? [Depor’s goal came at minute 94:53, the referee gave five minutes of added time]"




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