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10 Nov 2018
Depor’s coach returns after his suspension, he expects for a tough game. Oviedo’s coach is aware of the rival’s potential and says that his team isn’t’ getting the results they deserve.

Natxo González addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He explained the status of Krohn-Dehli and Cartabia, while he also predicted a tough game against a rival that plays at the limit. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The referees and his suspension: “I won’t talk about it. I have redeemed myself and made a promise [he laughed]. These are experiences and it’s tough to watch games from the stands, though you see things that normally aren’t seen from the pitch.”

The number of red cards shown to Deportivo: “I don’t see it logical, we are good people and it’s noticed. We need to control our state of mind.”

Oviedo: “The fact they aren’t among the first places doesn’t mean they cannot be there in the near future. They are always there playing for the first positions and, obviously, it will be like that.”

Krohn-Dehli: “He received the medical okay to play, it’s hard to see him having many minutes, but he is in shape. “

Cartabia: “We must wait. He should be fine. He needs continuity, since starting the pre-season he has been 50 days off, therefore it’s very difficult to have regularity in that regard. He needs to be fine in order to see him adding things to the team.”

Is important to control the emotions in this game? “Little changes compared to other games, maybe only that Oviedo bring an important number of fans. It’s a prettier game as it’s an additional motivation for the rival. In a football sense, it’s going to be an uncomfortable game, we need patience and to manage every moment, both in a football sense and emotionally.”

Changes at the lineup? [He laughed] Maybe we could have more, but won’t tell you.”

Caballo or Saúl: “We can have movements, any can play as it’s happening lately. We will see.”

What’s the difference between the left-backs? “The day of Reus I chose Caballo, because we needed a higher pressure and for the disposition of the rival, and Caballo is faster. At Las Palmas, the game was more paused, so the side defender doesn’t need to be too fast, and Saúl fits there. The other days we weren’t fine at the centre and the modification was to put Caballo in order to be better with the crosses. It depends.”

The roster? “Tomorrow. We will work at Abegondo in order to polish some things.”

Is Oviedo a tough opponent? “It’s an intense team, it’s a team of Anquela, with intensity and aggressiveness. They are strong body against body, a lot of pressure after losing the ball. At the limit and there will be a referee that must determine where that limit is.”

Is Depor hurried to lie among the first two places? “No. I believe that it’s good to be there, as long as the difference of points isn’t big, you know you can jump from one position to the other at any moment. The position at the standings isn’t a thing that matters now.”

Juan Antonio Anquela addressed the media ion Thursday’s afternoon; he was explaining the status of Aarón Ñíguez and Saúl Berjón, he also talked of Deportivo and the last results of his team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Aarón Ñíguez: "Aaron has a little issue and we'll see if he can be fit. Today he didn’t train, so he is doubtful.”

Saúl Berjón: “Saúl is ruled out for Coruña. He has nothing important, but you have to prevent, we cannot know if he will be fit for next week. You have to be very carefully with these muscular problems, especially in bodies like the one of Saúl, who have very strong legs."

Solutions to the casualties: “Yoel [Bárcenas] is an option anywhere, we saw it last Sunday. We will do what we believe need to be done. We must see what’s the best team for it, but Yoel on the left is a great possibility. I’m recovering defenders, I don’t know who I am going to put. it will be unfair to leave some people outside, but you have to decide. It’s clear that we already have a lot of people "

Depor clear candidate for promotion: “Depor are a serious candidate for promotion, they have everything for it. Exceptional squad, they know what they play and they have players with a high quality. No doubt they will be up at the standings. I have played with a 4-4-2 diamond figure in many teams. It's a normal system but they do it very well, they have players for it."

How to face the game at the Riazor? “I would like to see a team that does what was prepared during the week, with fuss and being serious. Playing well and trying to win from the first minute, I think we do nothing else. We don’t know how to be locked at the back and that's why we did it only a few times, we don’t handle ourselves well in those situations. If we do things right, then we can compete against anyone, there is no reason not to do things right.”

The game against Mallorca and the dropped points: “Oviedo haven’t played a good game, but it isn’t easy. The pace of the first half the other day is difficult to endure, when you get up, you have to know how to be consistent and read the game. We did everything to win the game, we played well most of the game, we didn’t’ won, but we must continue to believe in what we are working. I am content with the game, but not with the result. We’ve lost very traumatic games due to the set-pieces at the last minute, also we added in two other games in the same way. The other day we played great and we were close to lose, we missed nothing for it. You have to be 90 minutes on and then have luck.”

The referees: "In other games the result wasn’t fair, the goal against Mallorca was offside, and we don’t say anything.  We know that in some days it goes to one side and other days for another, but sometimes it falls on us."

Are you already thinking of the derby with Sporting? "It would mean a lot to win in Riazor, but for this game, not for the next one. Since last year I understood that you ask me about the derby, when I saw that...  But I didn’t have to say anything to the players; they are concentrated for the game against Depor. I remember what I said when we won against Sporting, that it seemed the end of the world. From that game we began a negative streak in which we tied almost every game and they began to win. I don’t understand football, the one who does it should buy it.”



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