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11 Nov 2018
The punch of Deportivo killed a willful but inoffensive Oviedo that had the ball and that later was unable to complete shots on target for an hour.

Coach Natxo González sent the expected team for the game. The figure was a 4-2-3-1 with Dani Giménez covering the goal, David Simón played at the right side of the defence, the central positions were for Pablo Mari and Domingos Duarte, while Diego Caballo played on the left.

The diamond figure at midfield had Vicente Gómez, Álex Bergantiños and Edu Expósito as the centre midfielders, Carles Gil was the playmaker, then Carlos Fernández and Quique González were the strikers.  

At Real Oviedo, coach Juan Antonio Anquela was playing with five defenders and with wo strikers. Ramón Folch was a starter at midfield, while Ibra Baldé and Joselu Moreno were references in attack. Around 2,000 Asturian fans made the trip from Oviedo for the match.

Not an easy half for Deportivo. The rival had the ball and the better ideas to attack, but lacked punch, just the main virtue on this season of a Deportivo that claimed the advantage almost without doing anything on the pitch.

Depor’s first approximation was a cross of Quique González that Carlos Fernández couldn’t connect (2’), in the next play Real Oviedo had a triple chance, no one as able to push the ball in and the last attempt was a volley of Joselu that went over the crossbar (3’).

The locals replied with a low shot of Edu Expósito that was blocked by visiting goalie Nereo Champagne (5’). The start of the game was entertaining, The Asturians were well placed on the pitch and were attacking and finding the cracks at Depor’s defence, while the Galicians lacked ideas, but were also stepping into the rival’s area.

But despite the problems, Depor were able to find the goal. Carles Gil threw a corner-kick from the left, his cross was met by Domingos Duarte at the penalty spot and the downward header of the defender ended at the back of the net.

The goal killed the good start of Oviedo. Meanwhile, Depor were still having problems to attack, but at least it was having opportunities. At minute 29, a counterattack for the locals ended with a low and crossed shot of Carlos Fernández that went out.

And the Asturians regained the control of the actions within the last fifteen minutes, but they continued to suffer due to a lack of accuracy to transform their dominance into shots on target. At minute 39, Bárcenas had a blocked shot from the edge of the area, one minute later a corner-kick from the left wasn’t connected by anyone.

Meanwhile, Depor were too loose and wasn’t having the same presence of past home games, but somehow the locals were looking more dangerous. At minute 42, a counterattack led by Vicente Gómez ended with a low shot of Quique González that was saved by Champagne.

The final part started with the same impulse by Real Oviedo, but the second goal by the Galicians killed their spirit and ended swallowing a big loss as the local strikers had no mercy when they had the chance to score.

The second half started in the same way than the first, because Oviedo had the ball and was spending time building up their attacks, but later they weren’t completing shots on target. Depor had shortest plays, but it was more vertical and was leaving a bigger sense of danger. At minute 50, Quique González didn’t arrive on time in order to meet a drilling pass of Carlos Fernández into the area.

Carles Gil could have scored at minute 54 after stealing the ball at the edge of the area. He was alone and missed the target. Two minutes later a great pass by Vicente Gómez met Quique González at the left side of the area, but his crossed shot went out.

Oviedo completed a shot on target until minute 60, Tejera released a cross from the right and the header of Joselu was caught by Dani Giménez. Just one minute late a low shot from Bárcenas was blocked by Depor’s goalie. 

The first substitution at Depor was the entry of Fede Cartabia, he replaced Carles Gil, who didn’t shine in this game due to the thickness of the visiting defence. But that wall fell down as soon as the second goal arrived.

Depor scored the second goal in a counterattack. A long pass from the defence made by Edu Expósito should have been controlled by Forlín, but Quique González came from behind to gain the ball and cross Champagne with a low attempt.

The Asturians had a big chance at minute 69, a corner-kick from the left was headed by Joselu and miraculously his header just passed close to the far post. And Depor found the third goal in a new counterattack.

Caballo assisted Cartabia on the left wing, then the Argentine passed the ball into the left side of the area, Carlos Fernández was there to chip the ball past Champagne. Only three minutes later the fourth goal arrived, again by the left wing, Carlos Fernández drilled the ball into the box and Quique González just had to push the ball in.

The game was over and the last two changes were the entries of Didier Moreno and Pedro Mosquera for Quique González and Álex Bergantiños, the latter suffered a fall trying to head the ball at midfield and it was a precautionary measure.

The lack of punch by Oviedo was pretty evident in their last chance in the game, Domingos Duarte committed a huge mistake trying to pass the ball to Dani Giménez, but he didn’t see that Joselu was standing inside the area, he got the ball and assisted Ibra Baldé, who incredibly ended hitting the far post despite been before an empty goal (89’).

The biggest win of the season after thirteen matchdays came in a game in which the rival was better in large stages of the game, but the punch of Deportivo was too much for a Real Oviedo that lacked punch and strength in defence.

Depor now waits for Sunday’s results in order to see if they can stay at the second place of the standings. The next game is the visit to UD Almeria (Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos, Monday, 21h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-3-1-2) Dani Giménez – David Simón, Pablo Mari, Domingos Duarte, Caballo – Álex Bergantiños (Pedro Mosquera 83’), Vicente Gómez, Edu Expósito – Carles Gil (Cartabia 64’) – Quique González (Didier Moreno 80), Carlos Fernández.
Oviedo: (5-3-2) Champagne – Bolaños, Christian Fernández (Mossa 64’), Alanis, Forlín (Richard Boateng 73’), Bárcenas –Tejera (Diego Johannesson 78’), Folch, Javi Muñoz – Joselu, Balde.
Goals: 1-0: (21’) Domingos Duarte, 2-0: (65’) Quique González, 3-0: (72’) Carlos Fernández, 4-0: (75’) Quique González
Referee: Daniel Ocón Arráiz. No cards were shown.
Venue: Riazor (18,862)
Other statistics: Ball possession (44% - 56%); Attempts to score (8 – 4); Total shots (14 - 14); Shots on target (6 - 3); Saves by the keepers (3 - 2); Corner-kicks (3 - 3); Offsides (2 - 2); Fouls committed (18- 17); Passing accuracy (81% - 77%)



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