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10 Dec 2018
Disappointment after Deportivo dropped two points in a game that was under control, Borja Valle was even talking of meeting the reality.

Coach Natxo González couldn’t explain how his team dropped two points, but said the result is fair, “There’s no explanation. Numancia got what they deserved, the result is fair and that’s it. It’s normal that you ask why Depor dropped two points, but there’s no explanation. I need to re-watch the game, but wasn’t a surprise, because I saw it coming after the first goal.”

“We can talk of overconfidence, but I cannot measure each man. After the 1-0 you don’t need to go to the second half in order to see what could have happened, Numancia don’t care what happen after allowing a goal, because they play open games. We failed to do what we should did.” He added.

He continued analyzing the game, “When there are ups and downs it is because a team is allowing it. I talked to the player about it, I talked to the strikers about avoiding the offsides, to not run instantly after getting back the ball, to wait one or two seconds, and only in the first half we had two of or three offsides, that little time allows to break the offside. If you aren’t fine then there’s a radical change and they are good in certain zones. You enter a spiral and you aren’t feeling comfortable.”

The coach explained why he switched the system in the second half, “They were making changes of orientation, it is what damage us the most with this system, because we arrive late to the coverages. With the change of system, we can make those coverages, but we lacked defensive consistency, so we returned to the diamond figure.”

 Borja Valle was sad with the final result, “Bittersweet taste for how everything ended. We had 30 minutes that were good, you thought everything was done, but the rival fought for its goal and it’s a lesson of reality.”

“I neither know if it was for relaxing or a lack of control, the game lacked order. The rival made a step forward and we didn’t feel comfortable. Maybe the error was to make bad decisions having plenty of space. In the end they had long possessions and you end up tired. It’s complicated when you aren’t feeling comfortable. We are back into reality, and neither is bad to realize that it’s complicated. It’s a lesson that it won’t be as easy as we thought.” He added.

Similar were the feelings of Edu Expósito, “The points escaped, it was there and it was important. The goal arrived for me, but it isn’t worthy as we didn’t add the three points. They pressed and maybe we lacked aggressivity and it was hard in the second half. In the end it is a draw, not a defeat, but I would have preferred to add the three points.”

At CD Numancia, López Garai was feeling proud with the reaction from his players, “We were afraid at the beginning and you cannot play being afraid. I told the team at half-time that we needed to play without fear, and that if Deportivo have scored twice, then we could do the same. We were fine and I have to congratulate the players, because it was a meritorious draw.”

He also had a positive impression with Deportivo, “They are going to be promoted to Primera División, because they have great players, a very good coach, a group of fans supporting them and, if they aren’t unlucky, then they will be at Primera.”



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