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20 Jan 2019
Depor’s coach is aware of the bad shape in liga and assures that they have prepared solutions. Albacete’s coach assures his side isn’t feeling vertigo for been second at the standings.

Natxo González addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He was saying that’s normal to have bad shape at any moment of the season, and he assures that they have prepared solutions for it. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Carlos Fernández and Christian Santos: It’s good news that both Carlos and Christian have trained today and are in perfect state, so tomorrow they will be fine. They have options to be starters. I believe Christian is going to be decisive in this part of the season, there were doubts by him, but I believe he’s in his best moment of the season in a psychological sense.”

Albacete: “It’s the team with less defeats, their numbers are there and are similar to ours. The difference is that they have one more victory. The regularity is the thing to emphasize from this block and the game is interesting facing a direct rival at this point.”

Carles Gil: “I don’t know. He is there with options to leave and we need people having their mind at the club. Anyone that isn’t at 100% cannot add things to the team. He is making the decision or leaving or not, logically I believe you cannot be focused at 100%.”

What to expect from Depor in the game: “What we all want: to win. And if we win playing good football, the better. We made a diagnosis and things are clear, from there we are eager to see if the solutions can be noticed on the pitch.”

Three games without scoring: “Should I put more strikers? Or can I remove some that aren’t fine? Maybe to put a centre-back there. There are states of form, some are good, some don’t. We aren’t living at our peak, but as I always say, this is normal in a long season, we are in that moment that we are thick, we have to analyze and from the tranquility to search for solutions, both individually and collectively. The goal for the week is to go out to the pitch feeling free in order to enjoy.”

Will Depor play with a 4-3-3 as it was saw in the trainings? “You already know how we are going to play. Its impossible to hide it, you watch the trainings and surely I am not going to surprise you.”

Nineteen men on the roster: “Because for any circumstance you can end up making changes. I must decide tomorrow and must have under control all the situations.”

Reus is out of the competition: “I don’t know how this will end. As the second round starts, I guess they don’t want them to play under those conditions. I cannot describe f I feel pain or rage, all what we suffered at that club and to see them falling like that is to be mad. I can only think of them.”

Luis Miguel Ramis addressed the media on Friday’s noon. The ex-Depor defender said that his team isn’t afraid of their current position at the standing, and he foresees a tough match. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Expectations visiting the Riazor: “Depor is a great team, they haven’t lost at home. It will demand a lot from us, for the field that it is and the environment that you will find. It’s a club of tremendous demand and everything that isn’t being first generates discomfort. But we trust in what we have.”

Deportivo: "They have good game by the centre, but they also have the resources to play in many ways. They will know what we are looking for, they know us, and we have to be prepared for everything. It’s a team of high quality, good positioning and, in their field, they are very strong. It will be a meeting of extreme difficulty.”

Returning to A Coruña: “It gives me a very good feeling to return to the Riazor. It’s a special field in which I lived many situations. There is a lot of effort in this field and a lot of work and it’s comforting to return to a field that brings me very good feelings."

Position at the standings: “The points are very important. But we don’t forget that we try to get points reinforcing us in a situation that has gone well. We work in order to see all that weekly work been accompanied by the points. That gives you peace of mind, it excites people. People are excited with sensations and especially with points. It doesn’t generate vertigo to see us up there. One of my characteristics is that I tend to be balanced in all situations. If there’s balance, there is no vertigo. I have the responsibility of taking the team to the highest possible position, compete, to work. I have lived extreme situations both up and down and I have taken them professionally. The intensity of the work doesn’t change.”

New signing Álvaro Peña: “He is a quality player that can perform in all the positions at the centre of the field, and it will bring a competitive freshness that we need, this in order to not be relaxed.”



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