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22 Jan 2019
The coach and players were content with the victory, and also emphasized the importance of finding a new system that’s a new alterative in the quest for points. Albacete’s coach admitted that his team deserved to lose.

Coach Natxo González was content with the victory, “We are happy for the victory and for the way it was achieved. For me it is very important. I believe we made a complete game from start to finish. I am happy, because we needed this success and we deserved it. The players enjoyed it and that’s important. Now they won’t be talking of crisis.”

About the change in the system, he said that, “As we said before, we needed to search for solutions. We were aware that we had problems, which was the important thing, and we sought for players that were more opened in order to receive the ball. We needed to search for solutions and I am content as it worked out.”

The Basque man was also talking of Fede Cartabia, “It’s important to have him ready, since that point we can all grow. We try to have him in the right conditions for each game.” There were also words for Quique González, this after been asked if he is anxious, “I don’t think so. I don’t have that feeling, he works at the top in order to improve. Surely it isn’t a sweet moment for him, as that chance at the beginning of the game that in matchday 04 would have entered, but he brings a lot of things.”

Finally, Natxo explained why Mosquera was out of the final roster for the game, “We had other players for the position, Vicente and Didier can play there. We were well covered, so it was a tactical decision to leave him out.”

Borja Valle scored a goal and was content with how Depor achieved the victory, “It was important to win after a bad streak in which we weren’t scoring and neither leaving good feelings, and especially doing it as we did it today.”

He was also saying that’s important to have more variants as Depor played with a 4-3-3 scheme, “It’s good to have more variations and solutions, we have said that this is too long and tough. The rivals know you as they have more data and it’s good to have more variants.”

Dani Giménez barely had action in the game and he was happy for it, “We talked during the week that this was the game. We said that, if we would have failed to win, then we should be worried. But the team showed personality and the game was very complete, because we had opportunities since minute 1. And I was only a spectator and that talks a lot about the work done by my team mates.”

The keeper was also talking of the change in the system, “With the other system we are also dangerous when they find the playmaker, you can make a lot of damage as we did in other games, but you also need a high level of confidence, because he needs to find a space and within the last games it was difficult as the rivals were too closed, and the change in the system allowed us to find those spaces in a more easier way. For me this was our most complete game. It was a joy to see everyone showing up and finding the spaces.  It’s good to see people showing up again.”

The hero of the game, Fede Cartabia, talked on Monday, “The important thing was to win and we felt comfortable and it was demonstrated on the pitch. There were doubts in the environment and the week was useful in order to see who we are as a group and to unburden, to see in what we were failing and to push in the same direction.”

At Albacete Balompié, Luis Miguel Ramis accepted that his team deserved the defeat, "Deportivo entered the game as we thought it would come in. We knew it was going to be an intense game in the first few minutes, and the good thing for Deportivo today is that they maintained it throughout the 90 minutes. It has demanded a lot from us. We also knew that we were going to feel dominated and we didn’t respond, they didn’t generate too many chances, but it was hard to have continuity in our game and give them problems, in the end the result reflects the effectiveness too, and the victory of Depor is fair.” 




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