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02 Feb 2019
Depor’s coach didn’t rule out that Nahuel and Iñigo could debut in the game. Oltra returns to the Riazor and is optimistic regarding his team.

Natxo González addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He talked of the fitness of his players and confirmed that Fabril’s Montiel and new signing Nahuel are options for the game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Fitness of the players: “The ones on the training field today are fine [Krohn-Dehli and Saul]. The ones that weren’t on the field are worse. Cartabia is one of them. Cartabia was punished a lot at El Molión, in a physical sense, so we decided that he shouldn’t train today. He is not ruled out of the game though.”

Pedro Sánchez: “It seems that he [Pedro Sánchez] will join the group on next week.”

Nahuel: “The idea is that he [Nahuel] could be available tomorrow. I think he arrives this afternoon, he will pass the medicals and we will see how he is. Tomorrow he will meet the group at the Riazor, but with the casualties of Carlos and Pedro, we are limited from midfield to the attacking zone. He is a winger that brings unbalance and the ability to shot on target.”

Iñigo López: “Eneko is now competing on the sides and will fight for the spot with David Simón. He [Iñigo] is a player with experience and must help us.”

Fabril’s Jony Montiel "Montiel trained today with us, tomorrow he will do the same and we cannot rule out the possibility that he can be picked for the game."

Tenerife: We are facing a team in their best moment on the season, but we are playing at home and must get the points. Lasso and Račić have added a lot of quality and it’s interesting. This is a team that I like, mainly at midfield. But the pace of the game at the Riazor should be dictated by us. They have players to take the ball away from us, we must try to avoid it and defend as high as possible.”

Winter market: “What makes me happier is that we kept the ones that were already here. I was afraid to lose important players. It can happen at any moment and it was the thing bothering me at night, to live a surprise like it happened to Elche, side that lost Sory Kaba at the end. I was worried and it wasn’t like that.”

Is the team is stronger after the winter window? “I don’t know how to measure that. We were always satisfied with the team we had.”

Victory on the road: “The important thing for the future is to know why we lasted so long. We were effective, but we still need to score two away goals in order to win, although I think we competed much better. The best way to define it is that we were a very unpleasant team for the opponent, a complicated team, one that generates impotence in many moments. You have to follow that path. We took a step forward and we have to do it again in the future."

José Luis Oltra addressed the media on Thursday’s noon. He talked of Deportivo and how is team in improving, but still needing consistency. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Winter market: "I'm happy, the team needed some adjustments and to keep the competitive level, we have more to choose from and those who have arrived are increasing the level."

Roster for the game: "Paco Montañés travels and is ready to play, as starter or entering later, just like Luis Milla, tomorrow we train in La Coruña and we will see how everyone is doing, that's why I travel with nineteen men.”

Mauro Dos Santos: “He has worked with the group, he has an operated knee and came with some discomfort, but he has competed like this and is getting better and better, he has recovered strength and is already one more player at the squad, he isn’t traveling because he isn’t one hundred percent ready.”

Deportivo: "It’s one of the most important rivals, they have a great squad and a great coaching team, and they haven’t lost at home yet, they are very intense and have a lot of punch. I am fond of RC Deportivo, place where I lived a promotion and I want the best for them, we will try to take the ball away, be supportive and intense, we have to be more protagonists, but there is no formula.”.

Points on the road: "We haven’t won outside home, but I’m convinced that we won’t see the difference between us and Deportivo. We are ambitious and the idea is to bring the three points. We will choose scheme and footballers to win the game. The idea is to win and look like the home version. What better challenge than Riazor? "

Day to day: "Every week we pass an exam and we have to be demanding with ourselves, the player knows that we haven’t competed well in some games, but in the last two, the team has been better and that gives more security, although it doesn’t guarantee anything.”

Jorge Sáenz linked to Valencia: "He told the club, and the club let me know, that he doesn’t intend to execute the release clause to go out in this market, so I'll be able to keep him. We've talked and he's very focused. I know they wanted to pick him, even paying the clause, but he will not do it now."



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