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04 Feb 2019
The coach and the players admitted that the team wasn’t as fine as they wanted, Natxo was worried as the team wasn’t fresh and for the lack of speed.

Coach Natxo González was not happy at all with what he saw in the game, “Logically, I am not happy. We weren’t fine, we didn’t feel comfortable. There were too many errors with the passes and the control, imprecise. So, I am not content. Truly the team was slow, we lacked speed and precision. Instead of ben growing with the speed we were getting small in many things. When you don’t have a clean output of the ball then it’s hard to create unbalance against a rival that was closing pretty well.”

“We were fine in the first half, we had like five recoveries and we didn’t take advantage of them, either because the pass was too slow or because someone fell. You end in a dynamic in which things aren’t working, and when that happens it is difficult to surpass a rival that’s doing the right things.” He added.

The Basque man was commenting the debut of Nahuel, “He was fine. He demonstrated the kind of player that he is. What happens is that the man is just landed, and we already pulled him out. He was hurried as it was pushed due to the circumstances.”

There was criticism for not allowing Pedro Mosquera to play, in the day that Vicente Gómez was suspended, the coach responded to this, “I am making the decision of putting others, because Álex and him [Vicente] are playing and I decided to give continuity to Álex. Nothing happens. It is uncomfortable, but it is what happens when you make a decision. I think he will be ready when we need him.”

Another question was related to the poor form of Quique González, “I believe the goals will return. He is the one that was closer, the one that had the clearest options. It good to see him having the chances, the problem was that he wasn’t finding those opportunities. To be honest, it isn’t the main thing worrying me after the game.”

Finally, Natxo admitted that Depor wasted a good chance to reach the first place, but neither is something definitive for him, “It can be considered as a step backwards as we wanted to be first, but you already know that’s difficult to win and you must be conscious that Depor won’t reach the first place and will be promoted eight matchdays before the end. It isn’t real. Of course, it was a good opportunity that wasn’t seized, but there are obstacles on the way and we didn’t win, but neither lost. The regularity is what makes you fulfill the goals.”

David Simón was talking of what he saw in the game, “We worked all week long in order to get the result and make that step forward; in the first half we stole the ball in a couple of opportunities, and we didn’t seize those chances.  In the second half they were fine. We weren’t fine and that last chance in a free-kick didn’t go in. You always want things to be well, but they were fine and it was hard to counteract. It was an equal game.”

The Canarian also believes that Depor must remain calm, “We want to make that step since now, but we need to remain calm. There’s a high competence and we still there, if we chain three straight wins then we will surely we up there.”

Edu Expósito was also analyzing the game, “I believe the team was fine, I believe the team competed before a rival that was hard. It isn’t easy, the teams in front of us know that they are playing against Depor and it isn’t easy.  We must move forward.”

At CD Tenerife, José Luis Oltra was happy with his team, “It’s fair to say that the team competed at the top in a complicate field against an incredible rival that’s worked pretty well, because they know how to play. From order and hard work we tied them without giving up to play good football. There was generosity in the aid and compromise, and we played with criterion.”



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