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05 Feb 2019
Carmelo Del Pozo talked of the winter market, the signings, the exits and the failure to sign Gaku Shibasaki. He also had strong words for Fabril and the players after their terrible season.

On Monday, sporting director Carmelo Del Pozo talked for an hour after the winter marked was closed on Thursday. He talked of the signings, the exits, the offers that the club had for some players, and also analyzed the situation of Fabril. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Goal of the winter window: "We tried not to lose any important footballer, it was the key to our needs, since we believe that we have a great squad, our January market goal was to protect ourselves.”

Christian Santos: "He is the player who has had the most offers in January. At this point all teams are looking for strikers. Santos was in a difficult situation in December. And I understand it. He came to be important, he got hurt in the pre-season, then he goes with the national team and the other strikers are scoring goals. The boy considers a possible exit and begins to value things. But it has taken an important turn. Not in a professional sense, because he has always worked in a bestial way, but at a personal level. He understands that he has to integrate more, to become more part of the group and to participate. I am one of those who thinks that you should never lose forwards in the winter window. He decided to stay and we are happy. "

Carles Gil: "During summer he already had doubts about staying. He understood that he wanted to stay and in these months he said he didn’t feel important, that he had doubts. We tried to reinforce the position to see him staying, but we also said that who doesn’t want to be here is not productive for the team. As it’s a different league, the negotiation times have been long, with economic conditions for us better than when Depor bought him. He understands that it’s time to switch his sporting life and we understand it too. "

Albentosa: "We had a departure from Nastic until January 10 in case a team came from outside. His agent raises the situation, we allowed that exit, but it’s clear that the player will not return and there are several foreign options that haven’t been materialized until today. It’s proposed to rescind the contract with a salary savings this season and the next one, which was very high in Primera and Segunda. "

Gaku Shibasaki: "We talked to him at the end of January and he has a great predisposition, he knows the team and prefers the sporting criterion to the economic one," His phrase was: I like how Depor play. Getafe has offers to see him leaving Spain, but he wants to stay A loan spell with a mandatory purchase option is proposed with an amount that a Segunda club cannot afford, then a loan spell model with a bonus for getting the promotion, we reach an agreement, the documents are sent and the papers are signed in concentration of the Japanese national team, one day before the final of the Asian Cup, but then the Getafe tell us that they have to sign another player and that this player hasn’t arrived, it isn’t done by unilateral decision."

Why Depor didn’t’ try a backup signing? "I like to put all the cards on the desk, because that way you don’t mislead, it's true that Getafe tried it until the end and probably not all of the blame is at their side, I understand that if I give my word to a player I need to keep it, Getafe tried and I had to die with my player."

Interest in Unai López: "Unai was an option that appeared, we spoke with Athletic and the treatment is exceptional, with a very good response from him, it has cost him to get used to Primera and he has an offer from Rayo [Vallecano], if he had to go down to Segunda then it would have been with us, but he wants to continue at the elite.”

Interest in Javier Eraso: “With Eraso we talked and he liked the project, but Leganés understand that he should not leave, because the squad would have lost value.”

Íńigo López: "I understand the criticism, because when people talk about the market, people are very excited. They don’t understand what you are looking for in the January market and our objective was to protect ourselves from possible exits. We cannot go for a top centre-back if we already have two who are called by Primera teams. I also think that the academy should provide this fourth centre-back, but right now it is not generating it. There are many things that the academy isn’t generating. Bóveda fight for a spot as right-back and we wanted a player that understands his role as replacement."

Nahuel Leiva: "We sought for a player that we didn’t have, because of the initial plan. More spark, more vertical, powerful and that goes well to search for the space. Someone that can run. And Nahuel emerges. We stay with Pedro [Sánchez] and Fede Cartabia on the right and he and Borja Valle on the left."

Vicente Gómez: "He had an offer to go to China. It was a loan spell, and the contract they offered him quadrupled the salary he charges here."

Mosquera: "He is one of us. He’s from here and we have great personal and sporting love for him. Now he isn’t having minutes, but we cannot lose sporting values in the mid-term. His answer is very good. We could talk about him, about Ortolá... they are players who have to wait for their moment and I think he will give a plus when he plays. "

Saúl García: "We aren’t thinking about hiring or renovations in January. What we have done is that any situation that appeared would be talked with them. He had two or three options to leave and it would have hurt us. We have put our effort to see him staying, but the first thing is that he would like to stay. If I renew a player now I have to negotiate with the seven who have had offers. The time will come and if we have to sit down, we will sit down with him. With Saúl I get along very well, there is no murky relationship.”

Juanfran, Rolan and CD Leganés: "In the summer they made an effort to take them, they had direct contact with them, not with the club, something that isn’t normal. The situation changes and during winter they transmit to the players the idea that they don’t count with them anymore. With Juanfran, we don’t have many options and the ones that shoe up don’t satisfy either him or us. Has a contract until June 30 there and a voluntary purchase option. The thing about Rolán advances with the Alavés. The situation, economically, is very interesting, it benefits us. This season’s cost has been covered. At a sporting level it can be advantageous for him, this week he has already played."

Borja Galán and Francis: “We believe Borja Galán is in the perfect place. Francis changed of team in order to play, and we consider that it’s a good European club.”

Fabril and the failure of the academy: “When I arrived, I like to let people work. In the next few months we will begin to make decisions, but Fabril will probably have very short-term news. You have to change the academy from the bottom to the top. The academy is learning, maturing, but also competing. We have to improve in the recruitment of players, coaches... change many things. We need the academy; we couldn’t survive without an academy. If you make that investment and no one move to the first team …”

Sergio Pellicier: "I don’t confirm that he will continue until the end of the season. There are many problems at Fabril and not just the coach. Mistakes have been made, things haven’t been done well. We thank Pellicer for coming at that moment, but for us it is a problem that the B squad can get relegated."

Message to Fabril’s players: "We are not going to let Fabril to go down. The idea is to compete until the end. I want the team to compete, but starting with the players. Sometimes players at these ages don’t valorize what they are going to lose. They think that they are going somewhere else and nothing happens, that they have a name, that they were about to get a promotion.. Those who left were gone, those who didn’t leave stayed because they didn’t have offers. The player has to do self-criticism too. "



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