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04 Dec 2005
Joaqu?­n Caparr??s returned to Sevilla and his team achieved an important victory against his former squad. Trist??n and V?­ctor scored the goals, but the main protagonist was the referee Meg?­a D??vila with several polemic decisions and a personal festival of 14 yellow cards.

V?­ctor returned to the lineup replacing Juli??n de Guzm??n and Sergio did the same occupying the position of Scaloni, both changes were announced by Caparr??s during the last training session, but Taborda started on the bench. This meant that the Utrera-born coach gave another opportunity to Trist??n, the Sevillan forward has been critisided lately for his performance and supposedly he would be replaced. Meanwhile, Kanoute and Saviola were the chosen duo in order to direct Sevilla's offensive efforts. The ovation that Caparr??s received before the game was an incredible reception for Sevilla's former trainer.

Both teams started with the intention of controlling the ball, but it was Deportivo who dominated the actions in the first minutes, Juan Carlos Valer??n directed his team and Sevilla couldn't find a way to stop the Galicians. The Canarian playmaker had two clear occasions to score, in the first he received a pass from Munitis, but he preferred to search for Trist??n instead of making a direct shot on goal, the ball was too high and ended out of play. The second chance was a cross from the left wing that found Valer??n who headed from penalty spot passing just inches away from the right post.

Sevilla reacted and soon they started to find spaces in midfield, and that's when the work of Francisco Molina appeared. The Valencian keeper made two saves that were important for his team, the most crucial was a shot from outside of the area made by Kanoute that deflected off a defender, just when the goal seemed near, Molina reacted well deflecting the ball out for a corner-kick.

Despite the good game showed by both teams the protagonist was the referee Meg?­a D??vila, he showed 10 yellow cards just in the first 45 minutes, some of these were unnecessary. The most polemic play of the game occurred at minute 23rd when Daniel Alv?©s fouled Capdevila in the right corner of Sevilla's area, there was contact but the local players protested the decision.

Diego Trist??n took the penalty, but Palop stopped the ball throwing himself to the right; however, Meg?­a D??vila ordered the retake of the penalty since one Sevillan defender entered the area before Trist??n's shot. The second penalty was scored by Trist??n, this time he saw Palop diving to his left and drilled the ball low down to the right post.

The Sevillan players were angry with the retake awarded by Meg?­a D??vila and they started to protest after Trist??n goal. As result Enzo Maresca was sent off. The red card clearly affected the morale and the game of the home side; after all, the Italian midfielder is the top scorer for his team and was one of the best players during the first minutes.

Knowing the advantage Deportivo started to pass the ball and waiting for the appearance of empty spaces, however Sevilla didn't give up and they always tried to search for the equaliser. But it was Deportivo who increased the lead. The goal arrived through a free-kick on the right wing. Munitis made a small touch to V?­ctor who started to run into Sevilla's area, later he made an impressive shot that entered in the right corner defeating Palop. The first half ended with the desperation of Sevilla trying to reduce the difference.

The level of the game decreased during the last 45 minutes, Deportivo was very intelligent and again they dedicated their time to pass the ball and wait for empty spaces. Sevilla instead began searching for long balls and the aerial game, with that mission in mind Kepa entered the game replacing Saviola. Caparr??s reacted sending Taborda in for Trist??n trying to find fresh legs up front. Romero also entered to the pitch in a strange modification for V?­ctor. The defender had to play as winger during half and hour.

The impotence of Sevilla was evident and maybe the most desperate man was Daniel Alv?©s. He protested any decision made against his team and finally received a red card for a late challenge against Munitis. With 9 men on the pitch the home side had more difficulties in order to search for their goals. Deportivo was just passing the ball and trying to take advantage of the counterattacks, they could have increase the lead but Scaloni and Sergio failed to score in the clear occasions they had.

The best opportunity for the Galicians was a new penalty, this time Munitis ran over toward the right wing and he was pushed inside of the area. With Trist??n out Taborda took the opportunity, but Palop saved the penalty. The game ended with Sevilla trying to reduce the difference, but the duo of Andrade-Juanma was very solid all over the night.

With this victory Deportivo have now 23 points occupying the seventh spot. They are tied with Sevilla and Villarreal just two points away from the Champions League positions. The next game for Depor will be on next Sunday against C??diz at Riazor.

Sevilla: Palop - Daniel Alv?©s, Aitor Ocio, Dragutinovic, David Castedo (Jordi L??pez 46') - Jes??s Navas, Mart?­, Maresca, Adriano (Pablo Ruiz 73') - Kanoute, Saviola (Kepa 59').
Deportivo: Molina - Manuel Pablo, Andrade, Juanma (Scaloni 74'), Capdevilla - V?­ctor (Romero 64'), Sergio, Duscher, Munitis - Valer??n, Trist??n (Taborda 58').
Goals: 0-1: (25') Trist??n form the penalty spot, 0-2: (41') V?­ctor.
Referee: Carlos Mej?­a D??vila. He showed yellow cards to Munitis (3'), Sergio (6'), Duscher (21'), Trist??n (33'), Dragutinovic (24'), Adriano (28'), David Castedo (31'), Manuel Pablo (42'), Kanout?© (45+2'), Jes??s Navas (73'), Scaloni (74') and Aitor Ocio (78'). Maresca (26') and Daniel Alves (68') were sent off.
Venue: Ram??n S??nchez Pizju??n (40,000).

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