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18 Feb 2019
Depor should have won, but deserved to drop points for its lack of ambition and inside game. The team still missing a reference at midfield and in attack. Debut for Fabril’s Montiel.

The seven notes from the game Vs. Gimnástic Tarragona:

1- Undeserved result, deserved punishment: Deportivo deserved to win the game, not only for having more opportunities, but because Nástic were a miserable team that barely connected three straight passes and that found a miracle at the end of the game, and the Catalans could have even won if Pipa wouldn’t have missed that last chance (86’). At the same time Depor deserved to drop two points for its lack of ambition. Natxo González complained that his side should have been braver in the first half and in the second it just gave up for the final twenty minutes. The local players only reacted after the goal from the visiting team, but only had time to create a couple of chances and meet the crossbar.

2- Inside game: Natxo González complained of the game on the sides, but the factor killing this Depor is the inside game. There isn’t anyone claiming the protagonic role at midfield, no one searches to drill the ball into the area or open the game to the sides. All the plays have to start from the back just like the Depor of Primera División. For this reason, the centre-backs are making more passes. In this game Pablo Mari (80), Álex (80) and Somma (70) made more passes than Edu Expósito (61) and Cartabia (34). In past games Cartabia was at least dropping some skill, but in this game he was too erratic and ended replaced.

3- The growth of Edu Expósito: Despite not making a good game, this 22-year-old player is now the most in-form midfielder at Depor. And now he is starting to score goals, this was his second of the season, both scored within his last ten appearances.

4- Missing a killer: It seemed that Deportivo have found a killer striker with the arrival of Quique González, but his explosion ended in October. He scored the winning goal at Granada CF, but in the last two home games against CD Tenerife and Gimnástic he missed two clear chances in each second half, opportunities that would have meant four points. Neither Christian Santos is totally convincing the coach.

5- Borja Valle lost on the wing: Once again Borja Valle is the victim of the system. The 4-2-3-1 doesn’t work for him because he is lost as a winger. Always failing to decide whether to pass the ball or make the solo-pay, that’s what happened to him in the last opportunity in the game when he missed the target when the best decision would have been to assist Christian Santos (90+2’).

6- The changes of Natxo: It’s hard to criticize the changes of Natxo when the coach had so little options due to the casualties. But in this game, it called the attention that he replaced Didier Moreno with Caballo, a move that was tested during the trainings on the week. Asked about it, the coach said it was a move trying to open the game by the centre, and it was close to work as Depor had more chances after it, but what the coach didn’t foresee was that it was also close to cost the game as the lagoon at midfield almost cost the second goal in the big chance wasted by Pipa (86’).

7- Debut for Jonathan Montiel 20-year-old Jonathan Montiel debuted with the first team and is the first Fabril’s player to have minutes on this season playing for a league competition. He is the player number 682 to have minutes with Depor in a la liga tournament (Primera or Segunda). He made a couple of interesting moves on the right wing and was praised by the coach.



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