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18 Feb 2019
Disappointment. The coach and the players were conscious that Depor dropped two valuable points against a rival at the bottom. Depor’s coach said that his team lacked patience and a more aggressive approach.

Coach Natxo González had a clear idea of why Depor didn’t win the game, “For not been decisive in the opposite area, you should have seen all the opportunities. And, with the 1-0, when you don’t close the games then anything can happen. Therefore, we had a lack of effectiveness.”

He was also commenting the debut of Montiel, “He was fine. The true is that the lad had good minutes. He offered continuity and arrival. You always have the feeling that something can happen with him. I am satisfied.”

The Basque man doesn’t think that Depor are facing problems with teams at the bottom after a similar outcome against Tenerife, “We are used to make differences between the teams at the top and the ones at the bottom. As I said before, you should have respect for all. Everyone has the chance t take points as it was with Nástic. The normal thing would have been a bigger score, but you know that you are at the wire and any set-piece or mismatch can affect you, and it happened to us.”

He feels sorry as the team is dropping points at home after getting good results on the road, “We were winning everything at home and were missing to win on the road, now we won outside and don’t do it at home. Without knowing why, the tide has changed and you are more reliable on the road. We still without losing at home, but I don’t have a scientific explanation for this. If you aren’t patient, then the problems arrive.”

Natxo was saying that the team should have pressed more in the first half, “I believe we didn’t make a good first half, we were bad by the sides, having arrivals and not making good decisions. It was on those zones that we should have played better as it was denser at the centre. The outside game wasn’t good. We didn’t have good chances and, in he ones we had, we didn’t make the right decisions.”

“I believe we were too patient. It was a game in which, if you weren’t claiming the advantage in the score, then you needed to insist, to give pace and speed to the game. Besides, there was a high temperature that could affect you. In the end we weren’t making crosses, we were having the ball, but without finalizing. The goal of having the ball is to find the cracks and then make crosses and finalize the plays, so we were too patient.” He ended.

Álex Bergantiños was commenting the game, “We knew it was a complicate game, we had a lot of casualties at midfield and the last place came reinforced. The game was thick and jammed. We made the effort and claimed the lead and this happens when you have a narrow result. They were more direct and found that goal. With all of that, we deserved to win for the chances we had. It is a game in which you end with bad feelings.”

“It isn’t easy when the rival is locked at the back. I believe we lacked speed to move the ball from one side to the other. We failed to find the cracks. Still, we had enough chances to score more goals, but it wasn’t our best day to seize the chances. We deserved to win, but this is a matter of effectiveness.” The midfielder added.

Edu Expósito was feeling sorry for the result, “You end up with bad feelings, you allow a goal at the last minutes when it seemed you had the game and you need to move one. After the goa, we had several chances to claim a bigger lead but truly we failed in the last minutes. You had the game there and the points escape from you.”

Even Enrique Martín was upset, the coach of Gimnástic was mad after a journalist asked if he thinks that he could be fired. Before the rant, he was feeling proud of his team, “This is not the Nàstic that was before, this is new, kids with a big hope, it is a B squad with two veterans. It gives me reason to think that, in this journey, we will leave more than one message to the teams at the top. I’m very convinced that we are going to get out of there. We showed fighting spirit, a great desire to get ahead, this is a brave team that has worked to exhaustion."



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