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02 Apr 2019
The diamond figure didn’t bring the expected results despite the team added a point, the connection Carlos Fernández-Quique González was the best positive reading from the game.

The six notes from the game at Real Oviedo:

1- Return to the diamond figure: Natxo González recovered the diamond figure in an attempt to recall the best memories of the beginning of the season. Depor got a point, but the true is that the feelings weren’t positive after the team returned to the 4-3-1-2. The reason was that the four midfielders never brought the freshness and ideas to create scoring chances, and in the end everything depended of Carlos Fernández.

Álex Bergantiños was busy acting as the link with the defence, Vicente Gómez was the most active midfielder with 53 passes (76% accuracy), but the major part of his successful attempts were short passes without consequences, and later he was failing when he tried to complete passes into the area. Then Didier Moreno was lost on the right wing, while Pedro Sánchez was never a factor.

2- Didier Moreno: The Colombian was once again the centre of the storm, he has been hardly criticized because he seemed out of place, not been a factor in offensive tasks, committing fouls for arriving late (8 fouls, the highest number in the game) and for not providing the needed aids to David Simón at the moment of facing Mossa and Saúl Berjón. After the game the coach reduced the pressure over him arguing there was no one available for the position, a hint that he missed Edu Expósito in this game.

3- Connection Carlos Fernández-Quique González: The best news from the game was to see Carlos Fernández almost completing the entire game. The striker is a different player not only for what he creates with his rupture movements, but also because he activates Quique González when both men are on the pitch, and the clear demonstration was the fast combination that allowed the equalizer.

4- Wasting the set-pieces: Once again Deportivo failed to create scoring opportunities in set-pieces, the lateral free-kicks and the six corner-kicks, once again taken by Pedro Sánchez, not only were unsuccessful plays, but once again were allowing the rival to release a counterattack. This is another difference with the start of the season, time when Depor were marking the differences in set-pieces.

5- Vitor Silva the only solutions from the bench: Once again Natxo González didn’t find the answers to the problems when he pulled up the players at the bench, Borja Valle and Cartabia entered in the second half, but they only increased the doubts after passing unnoticed. The only one that brought some freshness was Vitor Silva, who even had a chance to score (71’). The Portuguese could be an interesting choice as a starter, because he also brought some lights as a substitute in the past game against UD Almeria.

6- Six games without victories: The game with Oviedo closes a painful month of March for Deportivo. Statistically the game with FC Reus counts as a victory, but in reality Depor have spent six games without achieving a victory. It’s necessary to go back to the season 1989/90 in order to find a similar streak at Segunda División, it was between matchday 6 & 12 with the team spending 7 games without wins (October-November 1989).



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