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04 May 2019
Depor’s coach avoids talking of the situation at the standings and wants to see his men only focused in winning. Zaragoza’s coach sees a more relaxed environment after the last win, but also points out that they need the points.

José Luis Martí addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He was constantly asked about the situation of Deportivo at the standings, and he always replied that the only thing they can do right now is to win the next game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The suspension of Somma:  “We are waiting to know if we can count with him [Somma]. We will like to count with him and appealed because we understand there was no foul.”

Good mood after the victory in Soria: The feeling is that we did our job. From there everything is already in the past. We have worked with great intensity, commitment and attitude, gaining in confidence for that need to win. In addition to the way we did it, knowing how to suffer."

Expectations for the game: “We are waiting for a similar game to the one played on last weekend. This is a team that makes a lot of passes and that has a lot of ball possession. It’s a team with great players that was conditioned for the situation at the standings, but that’s currently calmer. We need to take the ball away from them and been vertical in the transitions.”

The situation at the standings: “We aren’t thinking of the playoffs, we are only thinking of winning, because we know that reaching the goals pass through winning games. I can only be pending of what happens in Zaragoza, I cannot be pending of what happens in other fields.”

Christian Santos is out of the roster: “We have six attacking players on the roster. These players can perform on the sides and at the centre. We have a clear idea; we understand that we have a different type of players for this game. No matter the players on the roster, the idea is the same: to have order, balance and been vertical

Is David Simón recovered? “David Simón completed het last two training sessions and is in the final stage of his recovery process. I believe he will be available on next week.”

Have the players gained confidence? “The players have confidence. The errors are a matter of humans and the important thing is that we try again, we all fail and the errors will be seen in any game. What we need is to develop that confidence.”

By winning this game Depor will reach the playoff zone:  “We can only win this game. We can only prepare at the top for the next game. The fact of reaching our goal passes through winning each game.”

Víctor Fernández addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He was talking of the importance of the last win as it removed a torn from the players. The following is a summary of the things he said.

How to face the game: “We must be very bold and very brave. That means we're going to look for the victory. We aren’t a team that stays behind to defend and hope that the opponent is wrong, but a team that tries to provoke the opponent's mistake. Depor will not have the errors of Cordoba because it’s a solid team, with players with a lot of experience at Primera and we have to cause those errors with our game."

Both teams are in need: “They aren’t in their rightful place and we gradually get our heads off, but we are in a mess and will only see the light when we manage to defeat them. The circumstances have changed for both, but not substantially, because they have the opportunity to take part of the playoff, and more difficult the direct promotion, and we begin to see the light, but we have to finish it off. Now these are definitive games where you cannot go wrong or turn back and everything passes through winning.”

Change of mentality after defeating Córdoba CF: "It's a totally different game from the previous one, the match with Cordoba was very difficult to play, mentally and emotionally for the players, I noticed how some were overwhelmed, blocked and anguished because everyone tells you that you have to win. It was a very difficult match for a young team like this and it was a very loose first half. Then, when we calmed down, we had another attitude and we scored in the second part and everything changed. This has nothing to do. At a mental level it doesn’t have the difficulty of Córdoba, because it’s played at home and there’s another type of demand and another rival."

Deportivo: “We must not let Depor show its strength and its virtues. If not, we are condemned to not win. They have important players. It's a vertical team, with unbalanced players on the outside and solid behind the ball, with Bergantiños and Expósito, while in attack there’s a lot of dynamite, plus a differential player, Carlos Fernández, who is recovered after being injured and plays very well and is very dangerous."

Meeting again with Depor: “I face it with tingling inside for what it means to have coached the two teams, but my head is in taking the game forward and contribute so that my players find the way to achieve a fundamental victory."



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