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06 May 2019
The coach was defending the work of the team despite not having depth, while Zaragoza’s manager thinks that the outcome is an excessive punishment for his side.

Coach José Luis Martí was satisfied with the victory, to the point of denying that Depor played a bad game, “The feeling that you have about the game not been good, it’s translated to me into a great game for the lads as they interpreted at every moment the facets of the game, knowing when to have the ball and when to attack. Truly we lacked something within the last twenty meters as we didn’t create too many scoring chances, but we were fine at the beginning of the first part and the start of the second, and when we were suffering the most, the goal of Pedro arrived.”

“I believe you need to manage the games properly, both sides had their chances and we missed things in the last stretch of the field. You need to know how to mature a game and today the lads ended tired after the effort, and they got a deserved reward, both for the things made today and for the effort done in the trainings.” He added.

The Majorcan man continued with the philosophy of not looking at the situation at the standings, “The game only tastes like three points, you only try to play well and add three points. Evidently when you chain straight victories you are feeling better, but now we have a match against a direct rival. It only brings confidence as we need to create more scoring opportunities.”.

Still, the coach had some criticism for his team as the losses after missed passed brought troubles throughout the game, “The team tam knew how to suffer, but also to have in mind that all the chances of Zaragoza came from losing the ball, so we need to fix this thing as we cannot lose the ball so easily.”

Finally, Martí was praising the behavior of Pedro Sánchez, “He deserves this as he is one of the most dedicate plyers that we have. For me he has demonstrated a professional behavior, someone that only thinks of the team, he has all of my respect.”

Dani Giménez was one of the heroes with his saves, he keeper admitted that Depor didn’t play well, "None of us can say that we were very good, but that's how the games are won, we have to be very strong and supportive, people have ran and worked a lot, and when you win, then it's easier to keep winning. We will win again and the people will dare to do more things so that the rivals will have to fear Depor and the respect they had for us at the beginning of the season will comeback, we need to be strong at the Riazor, for us and for the people.”

The other hero was Pedro Sanchez, who scored the winning goal. He was thanking the collective work in this game, "This is thanks to the team, because we have believed until the end. All together we will achieve what we all want and it will be easier with the public standing.”

At Real Zaragoza, Víctor Fernández was feeling screwed with the result, "We had clear opportunities to claim the lead and resolve the game, but they have scored in the only mistake we have had and in the only shot on goal made by the opponent. It’s an exaggerated punishment for what has happened on the field. If you do an analysis of the game, honestly, we have been superior to Depor in everything, but they have had aim.”



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