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11 Jan 2008
The fight between Mun??a and Aouate, the new signings wished by the club, the probable exit of Lotina if he loses the next two matches, all this news were the headlines during the last days, but the truth is that the game at El Madrigal should be the main thought in everybody's mind at this moment. Depor has several casualties for the match, while Villarreal is recovering important pieces like Nihat or Tomasson.

A lot of things have been distracting the fans during the last hours. The possible movements in the winter market, the fight between Mun??a and Aouate and the appointed exit of coach Lotina have been the facts emphasised by the papers lately. But the reality is that Depor might leave the relegation zone if the team is able to beat Villarreal at El Madrigal.

But the Galician squad is facing the challenge with several absences. This list in now conformed by eight players: Aouate and Mun??a are the last ones joining this list, they have been suspended by the club after their fight at Abegondo. The other cases are for injury reasons: Valer??n (knee), Lopo (back), Cristian (knee), Taborda, Manuel Pablo (both with a muscular injury) and (thigh).

Besides, Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu' (flue), Juan Rodr?­guez (stomach problem) and Filipe (muscular problem) are doubtful. That's why Lotina trained with six Fabril's members on Thursday's session: defender Chapi, right-back Laure, left-back Juachi, midfielders Alex and Nacho Matador and winger Jos?© Arenas. Chapi, Laure and Juachi will train today with the first squad during the last session before the journey to Villarreal.

But the main novelty for Sunday's game is that Lotina will have to choose between Manu and Fabricio for the goalkeeping position, a result of the fight between Aouate and Mun??a that's opening a door to any of this two youngsters. During the training session, Lotina proved with a 4-2-3-1 formation that included the presence of Chapi as left-back defender, Joan Verd?? as the playmaker and Adri??n as the lonely striker. All should be resolved during today's training.

Meanwhile, Villarreal is relieved since its squad is recovering the injured players. Seven of them missed the last defeat in copa del rey against Recreativo (0-1) due to injuries, and now five are ready to join the squad in order to face Deportivo: Joan Capdevila (muscular problem), Nihat Kahveci (thigh), Jon Dahl Tomasson (Achilles), Bruno Soriano (pubis) and Josico (hamstring). This means that only three players are discarded for the game: Javi Venta (ilness), Guille Franco (muscular problem) and Gonzalo Rodr?­guez (knee).

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