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19 May 2019
Depor’s coach expects a difficult game and wants to see more things from a team that’s improving. Lugo’s manager says he wants a team taking the ball away from the rival.

José Luis Martí addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He explained the status of Álex Bergantiños and expects to see a Deportivo continuing to improve. The following is a summary of the things he said.

State of the team: “The team is fine, willing to play tomorrow and add the three points. They are prepared, knowing that they are interpreting better the concepts and knowing of the difficulties we are going to meet from here until the end of the season.”

Lugo: “It’s a rival that has aspirations to achieve its objectives. We are going to have a tough and difficult match, with pressure on the whole field, so we don’t feel comfortable. Let's see if they keep the 4-4-2 or return to defense of five men. They have circumstances with two side defenders that are suspended and let’s see how they recompose. We are ready, willing and looking forward to the match in order to get the three points."

Improvement: “Beyond the ascending line or the level of the game, what interests us are the victories. To win. From there it’s clear that it’s easier to get it playing like last weekend. The team has been able to adapt to the circumstances. We have to keep working, polishing aspects, but they are interpreting what I want to instill, and they have to show their potential. They need to be released and show their best version."

Carlos Fernández not picked by U-21 Spain: “We should learn from other competitions. So that the calendar was matched a little and so that the teams don’t lose players for this type of situation. I think that they are trying to implement it for the coming season."

Álex Bergantiños: “He trained at the top yesterday and today, we will see tomorrow, but he gives the feeling that he will be available.”

Both teams are in need: "At this point of the season we are all in need of points, there isn’t anyone out of this picture, and of course we are only interested in the three points, knowing that it will allow us to keep closer to the final goal of the season. now it’s only this match, regardless of the needs of the opponent.”

Feelings of a derby? “We are hopeful, a lot of people are coming in order to support us, but no matter it’s a derby our not, the need is the same.”

Could the nerves affect the team? “It can happen in any game. A team can feel bad moments, what you need to do is to reduce those bad moments and to avoid unneeded pressure.”

Eloy Jiménez addressed the media on Friday’s noon, he talked of his expectations and that the way to stop Deportivo is to steal the ball from them. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Casualties hitting the team: “We have enough players in natural positions that can cover those casualties. No matter what, we must make our home condition to prevail. We need to be strong at home despite the rival we are facing.”

Expectations from the game:  "From the beginning it will be an open game for the needs that we both have. We play at home and we have to assert the field factor. We have to become strong, because we have to win home games. All the conditions are good for living a great game: rival with the same need of points, a derby... it will be a special day. It will be a power to power game. We have to be plugged in, because they can penalize you.”

What to do in order to defeat Depor? "I want a balanced team in both attack and defense, with the ability to be solid behind and also make transitions or have dominance. I think we're going to get it. They are a big team ready to clinch the promotion, so they like to have the ball and create a lot of danger when they dominate, so it will be important that we can have it and we can prevent them from taking control.”

Deportivo: "Because of its numbers, it’s very dominating, it has the ability to take the game to their field and have very unbalanced players on the wings, with the ability to attack by the sides, players with associative capacity and attackers with speed and that know how to play in space. They are balanced and in any action they can hurt you, we have to make them suffer, they go out after the ball.”

“We know it’s a team made for direct promotion that, for different circumstances, hasn’t been able to be at the top and now they want to seize this opportunity in order to hook again to the playoffs. They have important players and any detail can cause the game to escape from you.”

Friendly battle at the stands:  “They will also have many fans at the stadium. But I am clear about what I have seen from our own fans. Their support will be very important and we will have to transmit our ambition.”




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