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20 May 2019
Deportivo clinched the promotion to Liga Ibedrola thanks to a very complete game at the Canary Islands. Two early goals at the start of both halves paved a relaxed game that ended with the big prize of the promotion.

Deportivo had a comfortable advantage, but the team started strong and scored another two goals before the 10-minute mark. And it’s that the Galician gals had three chances to score within the first three minutes. Maya Yamamoto started the actions missing the target from the edge of the area (1’), then Gaby couldn’t head the ball after a lateral free-kick (2’), then Peke completed the first shot on target and local goalie Aco made the save (3’)

Then the firs goal arrived, a long throw was sent since the back zone, Gaby fought for the ball and chipped the ball twice against two rivals, only to be left alone against Aco and she scored through a low shot. Only three minutes later the second goal arrived, it was a corner-kick of Tere Abelleira in which neither the keeper nor the defenders were able to clear the ball and it hit Peke before going in.

With an almost definitive 0-4 in the aggregate score, Deportivo became more passive and the game became more equal. The minutes were passing and Femarguín weren’t creating too much danger, but the Canarians were able to pull a goal before the break. It was a lateral free-kick action in which the cross of Carla wasn’t deflected by anyone until ending at the back of the net.

The game didn’t change too much after the local goal, Femarguín were arriving from time to time, while Deportivo were trying to have the ball at midfield. The next chance to score was for the locals, a lateral free-kick ended with Sara firing a low shot that passed close to the far post of Mirallas (39’).

The last chance to score in the first half was for Deportivo, Tere Abelleira entered the area by the right and his low and shot cross was deflected by Peke with the ball passing close to the near post (45+1’)

The second half started in the same way than the first, because Deportivo scored two early goals. In the first, Peke collected the ball at the edge of the area, she was backwards the goal, when the striker turned off, she was able to surpass a rival and was alone before the keeper, his low shot was blocked by Aco, but the rebound went  directly into her path and this time the header went in.

And the fourth goal arrived only one minute later. Patri Díaz released a cross into the area, Aco tried to clear the ball with the feet, but his attempt hit the body of Gaby and the ball ended at the back of the net. Once again Deportivo became more passive after the goals, this time Femarguín were already defeated and didn’t give too many problems.

Deportivo were enjoying the game, Raquel had entered at half-time; Nuria Rábano, Michelle Romero and Kika entered within the final minutes. The locals didn’t create more chances to score, the last one for Deportivo was a solo-play of Michelle Romero that ended with the save of Aco (88’).

Deportivo won the tie with a 6-1 aggregate score been the superior side in both legs. The ladies have been promoted to Primera Division after the club decided to create the female section only three years before, always commanded by coach Manu Sánchez.

Femarguín: Aco, Hari (Zule 15’), Chami, Cinthya, Kia, Eiz (Mayara 64’), Zara, Lorena, Sara, Carla, Brenda.
Deportivo: Miralles, Cris, Silvia Mérida (Raquel 46’), Iris, Patri Díaz, Teresa Abelleira, Alba Merino, Lía (Kika 82’), Maya Yamamoto (Nuria Rábano 75’), Peke (Michelle Romero 86’), Gaby.
Goals: 0-1: (6’) Gaby, 0-2: (9’) Peke, 1-2: (29’) Carla, 1-3: (49’) Peke, 1-5: (50’) Gaby
Venue: Municipal de Arguineguín.



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