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21 May 2019
Deportivo continue to show several of the problems that caused the destitution of Natxo González. Some players are out of form and the result is to see Depor scoreless in 8 of the 18 games played in 2019.

The eight notes from the game at CD Lugo:

1- Continuity without evolution: José Luis Martí only lasted a couple of games in settling with a scheme and a lineup. This was his sixth game at the club and was repeating a lineup for the first time, the problem is that this continuity is useless if the old problems aren’t fixed. And it’s that Deportivo continue to be a team incapable of playing when it’s pressed by the rival, and to make things worse the team continues to fail in offensive transitions. In this game Depor had the possession in large frames during both halves, but it was only able to complete three shots on target plus one that hit the crossbar. Martí hasn’t fixed the problems that caused the exit of Natxo González.

2- The problem at midfield: Edu Expósito is completing a great season, the problem is that he seems to be the only midfielder working at this team. In this game Álex Bergantiños was totally lost, to the point that Expósito had to delay his position in order to do his job, the problem is that later he didn’t find a proper connection with the attackers as he was too far after delaying his position on the field, he didn’t find the support in a disappeared Cartabia and neither with a useless Nahuel. This simple problem is the main cause for a team lacking offensive organization.

3- Players out of grace: Fede Cartabia was expected to be a differential player in the league and with only three games remaining he has turned to be a real disappointment. It has been a while since he has had an impact in the result. In this game he simply didn’t do anything important, only a direct free-kick that he sent out (12’), too little for his talent.

And Carlos Fernández is following the same path. After been the player marking the differences, he is now passing unnoticed. In this match the striker only appeared in three punctual moments, the first the possible penalty at minute 5, the second volleying the ball to Quique González in the big chance to tie the score (74’) and later scoring the goal that was disallowed (85’).

4- Same problem in the output of the ball: The goal of CD Lugo came in a new distraction when the team was trying to release a counterattack. Dani Giménez tried to hurry the play and passed the ball to Domingos Duarte, but the defender already had pressure before receiving the ball, the centre-back hurried a pass that ended with Carlos Fernández losing the ball at midfield. It isn’t the first time that Depor concede a goal after this kind of distraction. It’s another problem without fix coming from the era of Natxo González.

5- No solutions from the bench: One more time the substitutions had little impact in the game. In Zaragoza, Martí saw his team winning after Pedro Sánchez scored after coming out of the bench, but it was only a mirage. Once again, the offensive substitutions have little impact in the game of Deportivo. And it’s that Borja Valle, Christian Santos and the same Pedro Sánchez didn’t do anything important in this game.

6- Punctual actions that define a game: Despite the bad game of Deportivo, it must be also recognized that the game was defined by details. The game passed from the possible advantage for Depor after Edu Expósito hit the crossbar (54’), to see how José Carlos Lazo having two chances in the counterattack, on of them meant the goal for the locals. 

7- The referee: Referee Gorka Sagués Oscoz passed unnoticed throughout the game, but he made three decisions that were controversial. At minute 5 he didn’t see a penalty at both areas, the clearest one was the shot of Carlos Fernández that hit the arm of a defender, and at the end of the game the same Carlos Fernández saw hos his goal was disallowed for an offside, the goal should have counted because the pass came from a defender trying to head the ball out.

8- Again scoreless: There was a time when Deportivo were the best scorer in the league, now the Galicians are 8th in this department. The problem is happening in 2019, the team has played 18 games in the year and in 8 of them they ended scoreless.



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