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23 May 2019
Playmaker Fede Cartabia admits that he isnít passing through a good moment, but the Argentine player believes the team should be focused on Mondayís game as the meeting with RCD Mallorca is fundamental.

Fede Cartabia addressed the media before Wednesdayís session. Lately the playmaker has been criticized for his poor form and he is the one to admit it, "It hasnít been as I imagined it. I havenít felt completely comfortable and I havenít been able to perform due to injuries. Also, by the mental level. When the team doesnít work then itís difficult. It has been an accumulation of everything. We are people too. It isnít as easy as it may seem from the outside. We suffer a lot. On an individual level I have suffered a lot. I didnít have the continuity I wanted, and it has cost me. Within last matches I havenít given my best level and I'm the first to admit it."

Later the Argentine player said thatís difficult to establish why the team isnít working, "Physically we are fine, but when the team doesnít work, then you are always looking at things. Itís logical. We have a great team and sometimes I even wonder how we didnít work as we did at the beginning of the season. Itís a more mental problem, of fear to failure. We will try to clear the doubts on Monday."

Despite the problems, the ex-Valencia man still believes in the promotion, "Of course I think is possible, if not, I wouldnít be here. We havenít chained three straight victories in the whole year, I hope it's the first time and we go in. But first we have to focus on the game with Mallorca.Ē

"Last year, Valladolid entered at the end and now they are at Primera. There are three games left and itís important to know the results, because if CŠdiz wins, then we also have to win. But if we can add the nine points, itís possible to get into the promotion playoff.Ē He added.

Finally, Cartabia talked of the importance of Mondayís game against RCD Mallorca, "We arrived at the match where we cannot fail. It has been a season that started very well, but then two bad months came and we reached the limit moment, the crucial moment and we can only win. Against Mallorca the whole season is at stake, and in order to face it we need a week of tranquility and to be united, because it will not be easy.Ē



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