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27 May 2019
Only a few words from both coaches as Deportivo and Mallorca battle for promotion. Martí wants to see a team keeping the serenity, while Moreno says it’s a difficult challenge for them.

José Luis Martí addressed the media on Sunday’s noon. It was a short press conference (five minutes) in which he talked of the importance of keeping the head clean ahead of a crucial game for Depor. The following is a summary of the things he said

All the players picked for the game: “The conditions of the game made me pick everyone, this in order to have support. We need order against this rival and patience to reach their goal. We are optimistic and I’m the first one transmitting this idea.”

Importance of the game: "The most imminent game is always the most important and, of course, tomorrow’s match has certain conditions and we know the importance of the victory.”

Anxiety: "The players are eager. We have to take care of that anxiety to win, that desire. To have them under control and also have patience. We will face an ordered rival who will not allow us many things. We have to handle that nervousness. We know we need the victory, but from a calm perspective, the good game and not rush to avoid mistakes.”

Will the team risk searching for the victory? "We always risk. Two forwards, two offensive players on the wings and a midfielder like Edu [Expósito], also from that profile. We are playing with that mentality, but we cannot break down. "

Changes at the lineup? “There could be changes at midfield. If not since the start, then throughout the game.”

Mallorca: "It's a very orderly team. Balanced. They know how to order and have no problems getting close to their area with a line of four men and five midfielders. Then they have a reference man capable of holding the ball and very fast players on the outside. They also have the ability to play the ball from behind."

Problems at the Riazor: “We return to the Riazor and will try to add the three points. Against Lugo we had opportunities, but didn’t seize them. We need personality in order to clinch the victory.”

Support from the public:: "I hope they are with us as it was demonstrated yesterday [The Riazor Blues showed up to Saturday’s training to support the team]. We appreciate your visit to Abegondo to show your love. We have to compensate with a good game and the three points. We need everyone. What unites us is the fact of winning."

Vicente Moreno addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He is aware that his team is about to secure the participation in the promotion playoff, but at the same time knows that it will be difficult to defeat Deportivo. The following is a summary of the things he said

Expectations for the game: "I hope that everything that happens on the field leads us to victory. In the first game, Lago's goal was of a high level, but there is also a lot of skill in front of us. We are fortunate to be able to play this game and we have to fight for it.”

Deportivo: “This Depor have a high level, both as a club and for the players they have, many of them with experience at Primera. Deportivo will fight for the victory and for their options, and it will be hard as there’s a lot at stake.”

Mallorca will clinch the playoff spot with three more points: "Winning on Monday can involve precious things for the team. You are aware of the closest match, which is the game against Depor, and we know that by winning we will be making a big step. It’s clear that we are excited to win at the Riazor, beyond all the positive things that may involve after so much work, we can reap the benefits of all this.”




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