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08 Jun 2019
Depor’s coach is aware of the euphoria among the fans, but warns that the game is difficult. Córdoba’s coach hammered his players as some of them haven’t had the behavior that he wanted.

José Luis Martí addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He warned that the game isn’t going to be easy despite the situation of the rival. He didn’t want to confirm if Quique González is going to play. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Expectations for the game: "We all look forward to the match, but knowing it will be complicated. We don’t expect any facilities from Córdoba. From there, we believe in our possibilities, knowing that we depend on ourselves and that we have to impose our game, be superior and get the three points.”

The fans are positive: "You have to be realistic and think that Depor depends on itself and that generates enthusiasm and joy. I'm not worried that people might think about it. I would be worried if the players thought about it. And they don’t. We have recent examples like that Cádiz a few days ago, or Mallorca in the field of Nàstic. I understand that the fans believe that the normal thing is to see Depor winning, but my players know that the difficulty is high.”

Is the key to score an early goal? "Normally we are going out with intensity, concentrated, with desire. We have to work our game, beyond what happens in others. Of course, we would like to get ahead fast to manage things better. But even if you claim an early lead, any opponent, at any time, can generate chances and draw.”

Why the team failed so much against Elche? "The problem would be not to generate occasions, but we are creating them. The players are finishing the plays, looking for a goal and I believe that the success will come. They have capacity and quality. Elche's game is past water and we focus on continuing to insist until the ball comes in.”

Quique González: "I see that he is fine, prepared and ready to play, willing to participate and on Saturday, after the last training, we will decide if he’s at the starting eleven, among the final eighteen, or if he’s left out, we are not going to take risks, if he plays it is because he’s okay, but there are other footballers to replace him.”

The team only had two days to prepare the meeting: "It isn’t the recovery period that we would like, but the circumstances are what they are, we will supply it with the morale and the motivation to be able to achieve the objective.”

Depor could even end fifth: "For us, the important thing is to stay in the best position: to be fifth, in case of a tie, you go ahead. Everything goes in your favor, but what you have to do is to win."

Rafa Navarro gave a press conference on Thursday’s noon. He surprised assuring that some players don’t want to play the game at the Riazor; he even said that some men aren’t behaving like professionals. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Valorization of the season: “Truly I arrived under complicate moments, and the situation got worse as the games were passing. I didn’t enjoy as I expected, but I also say that you learn from big failures. Clearly this was a season in which, if we have made things in the right way, then the team would be saved, but we missed a lot of things.”

Some players don’t want to play the game: “In the end the players that want to be in are on the roster. It’s true that some players are having issues, but you make a list with the ones that truly want to be at the Riazor, and that’s the roster. Some of the men out are injured, but some don’t have big injuries, and everybody is free to do whatever they want. The ones that want to be in are on the roster.”

“There are players that are injured and there’s a medical statement, in other cases I don’t believe it and the ones on the roster are the ones that want to play. When things aren’t working you trend to show the worst face. You want everyone to be professionals, but some haven’t been as professionals as they should, but there’s valuable people at this team, fourteen or fifteen people that give everything, but it’s true that some have disappointed with their behavior.”

Mental state of the squad: “It isn’t the same to train with something at stake than to do it when you play for nothing, the intensity isn’t the same, but the ones that are working are doing it at the top. You try to do your best, but we have eight players that are out and it’s complicated.”

Deportivo are playing for a lot: “For them it’s the biggest game of the year, and for us it’s to end with the highest dignity. We know the team that we have and we must end in the best possible way. They will be strong as they are playing for everything.”

Is the same to end at the last place than to do it penultimate? “Clearly not, at least not for me. I want to end as high as possible and on Sunday we have the option to add and end upper than Nástic, and that’s the goal. We are demoted, but will like to end as high as possible."



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