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10 Jun 2019
Again Deportivo showed the same offensive problems after Martí repeated the lineup for the first time. Pedro Sánchez shone as the Galicians clinched three straight clean sheets for the first time on the campaign.

The six notes from the game Vs. Córdoba CF:

1- Again jammed: Despite the victory, Deportivo showed the same offensive problem of recent months. In large frames of the meetings, especially at the start, the team lacked to create opportunities despite having the ball. The problem is that once again Edu Expósito has to delay his position on the pitch and later he ends disconnected from the attackers and the offensive plays end with a bad pass or with one-on-two situations in which the attacker losses the ball. The problem was only surpassed when Pedro Sánchez moved to the centre to end combining with Saúl and Borja Valle on the left flank, thus came the goals and the best moment of Depor in the meeting.

2- Repeating the lineup: José Luis Martí is a coach that likes to test things, but at the same time he trends to repeat what it works as soon as he finds a solution. Against Extremadura UD, he tested with Vitor Silva and Didier Moreno at midfield, he didn’t work and since then both players have been out of the plans and the chosen ones have been Álex and Edu Expósito. Against CD Lugo he tested with Nahuel as a starter, it didn’t work and since then he chose to play with Pedro Sánchez on the left. With Quique González still out, and despite not finding the goals against Elche CF, Martí repeated the lineup for the first time and this time his team found the needed goals.

3- The key was the left flank: The left wing was a highway for Deportivo, not only for the lagoons left by Córdoba’s defence, but also for been the only side on the field where the players were combining to create a superiority in attack. Saúl was joining the attacks and always found the presence of Pedro Sánchez and Borja Valle, thus came the most dangerous plays in the game and the first goal.

4- Pedro Sánchez was the best player: Pedro Sánchez is now the most in-form player at Depor, he was coming from been the best player at Elche, and now he repeated his role against Córdoba CF, been key in attack by scoring a goal and completing five shots, and even by having an important presence in defence blocking a coupe of attempts by the rival.

5- Three straight clean sheets: Deportivo didn’t break the curse of clinching three straight victories in liga, but it clinched three straight clean sheets, something not seen before on this campaign. Since allowing the goal at CD Lugo, the Galicians have spent 300 minutes without conceding.

6- The final numbers compared to previous seasons: Depor ended the Segunda campaign at the sixth position adding 68 points, it’s far from the record of 91 points made in the promotion campaign 2011/12, but it’s only one point under the 69 of the season 2013/14; actually the Galicians would have clinched the promotion ending as the runners-up behind  Eibar if they have made the current numbers back on that campaign.




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