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15 Jan 2008
The list of candidates in order to reinforce the striking zone has been reduced to two names: Marco Rub?n and Alfredo Moreno. According to the information, the club is negotiating the loan of both forwards. Meanwhile, Geovanni was trying to arrange his exit from Manchester City during Tuesday's night.

According to Depor Sport, the list of candidates to reinforce the striking zone has been reduced to two names: Marco Rub?n (21) and Alfredo Moreno (28). Depor's paper was assuring that the Galician club has been negotiating the loan of both forwards within the last hours, it was also informed that Rub?n is descendant of a Galician family, reason why he has the option to be inscribed as a EU player, while Moreno would need one of the foreign spots in the team since he's Argentinean.

The information was also confirmed by other papers like La Opini??n A Coru?a, Marca, AS, Deporte Campe??n (DxT) and Clar?n, this last one from Argentina. Precisely, Clar?n was the source that wrote the conditions offered by Deportivo in order to sign Marco Rub?n, according to them, the Galician club is offering $200,000 (€134,786) for the loan of the striker (six months). It seems that this offer has convinced River Plate's authorities although coach Diego Simeone doesn't want to allow the exit of the young player. It's also known that River Plate already sold the 50% of the rights over Rub?n to a private corporation for $2.5 million (€1.68 million)

The article in Clar?n also says that the loan would include a loan option, so far both clubs haven't decided yet the amount of this clause. No big details were given about the negotiations for Alfredo Moreno, although the Argentinean striker talked with sportpaper AS and said that he was "pleased" with the interest of Deportivo. He also was interviewed by Radio Galega and the Argentinean said that he doesn't know anything about the case. The problem with Moreno is that the Mexican market closes its doors today, meaning that Depor must hurry up in order to accelerate the negotiations with San Luis, the club that owns his rights..

Meanwhile, newspaper Marca was affirming that Geovanni Deiberson (27) would receive the approval to leave Manchester City during a meeting that would take place on last night. The paper also appoints that the Brazilian could come on loan and not in a free-transfer as was appointed during the past week.

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