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16 Jul 2019
Carmelo Del Pozo talked of the situation at the market. He confirmed the imminent arrivals of a keeper and a left-back.

Sporting director Carmelo del Pozo addressed the media during the presentation of Vassilios Lampropoulos. He confirmed the imminent arrivals of a keeper and a left-back, and also admitted the interest in Samuel Longo. The following is a summary of the things he said. 

Zero cost transfers: “The economic reality of our club requires that the new arrivals must come without paying a transfer, it means that Depor cannot pay transfers in order to sign players.”

Edu Expósito and Quique González: “I want to thank them; they helped a lot in order to have interesting situations that help the club. As we said before, the idea was to have a block, but if that block is modified for the need to allow exits, then we needed to counteract it making good signings and especially having important incomes.”

“In the case of Edu, he had a clause allowing him to go out loaned, he helped us to have better conditions in the transfer and in the case of Quique, he talked to us about the chance to go to a Primera side and also gave us the choice of staying, but evidently extending the contract in years and with new financial terms that, at this point, it isn’t possible, but the true is that he left the club with them paying the clause, the same window that benefited us last year, with the difference that that window was blocked this time to only Primera sides and to double the money we paid at that time, now we need to get a player for that position that can mitigate the absence of Quique.”
Signings strikers: “We have two strikers right now with Diego Rolan and Christian Santos, but a new striker will come.”

Samuel Longo: “The list of rumors is so big that, evidently, we won’t talk about all of them. He is an interesting player that, when he has played, has demonstrated to be at a high level. Right now, he is playing and was a starter yesterday with Inter in the friendly game. He is at the market and we and all the teams are fighting for him. We will see if he can be one of the final options.”

Financial situation after the transfers of Quique González and Edu Expósito: “The club still needs to receive more of what it has been received, this in order to sign players paying a transfer. It is the reality. We need to compensate the expenses of the last year at Primera. We still collecting what we need in order to cover the negative amounts of two yeas ago. We still missing the balance, and if we reach that point, then we can start making other things.”

New exits? “The clear thing to us is that we have 20 players, and since then we need to liberate in the positions in which we have more, and in the process we will ty to get an economic compensation that can be favorable to us. We can lose in a sporting sense, but must get a financial compensation Today we have 20 players. The idea is to have a balance and two men per position, it can be 21 or 22, but right now we have four right-backs, so we need to allow exits.”

Cartabia: “There’s some interest from one club, what we need to do is to analyze if this brings balance to the three parties, us, the player and the club that wants him, from there to see if the situation is interesting for Fede. The summer has just started and I believe it can be long in the case of some players. The clear thing is that, if Fede leaves, then we will sign a new player.”

New goalkeeper: “We already have one goalkeeper and there is an agreement with other one, the normal thing is that he will arrive in the coming days. He is a young keeper that will compete with Dani, because the idea is to have two.”

Róber: “We have three centre-backs and need to make a decision with Róber, and later to see what happens in this position as we can play with Eneko Bóveda there. The problem with Róber is that it was hard to him to arrive to Primera and right now he has a complicate knee injury, he only as one more year of contract and need to think carefully about what we must do. We cannot match the numbers of Primera and he has a complicate injury. In the coming days he will undergo scans in Barcelona and will make a decision according to this.”

Left-back: “We need to bring a new left-back, this position is clear too.”

Final composition of the team: “Right now we have four centre midfielders, two right wingers, two playmakers and two strikes, s there’s calm as we have a team to go out and compete. What we need to do is to see the economic situations allowing us to complete exits and arrivals that can bring a benefit and not affect the sporting subject.”

The role of Deportivo in the league: “Last year the Segunda tournament demonstrated to us that the aspirants to promotion aren’t marked by the salary cap. It is for been a competitive team. We won’t be at the first line as clubs with important budgets have been demoted, but we will be in an intermediate level. I don’t know if 4 or 9, but I don’t think it is a problem to make a competitive team.”

Academy players: “We want to reduce the number of players at the squad and later give the chance to the academy in order to enter into the first team. I don’t know if it will be in six months, two years or five years, but the investment in Abegondo must have an impact at the first team. Last year we made a weird move with Borja Galán, and two months later he demonstrated that, sometimes, it isn’t necessary to be here. He earned it and will be at the first team.  The academy must give players to the first team or should bring income that can justify the investment in the teams.”

Gaku Shibasaki “Gaku has made a big effort. I never saw a player giving up to money in order to come to a club. He had other options, but it is true that we wanted to fulfill the agreement that we had in January. He is what we want and will help to cover the exit of Edu. He has a contract lasting four years and there’s a economic compensation if we clinch the promotion to Primera División, and Getafe is also benefited of a future transfer, but in any case you are having a player for at least one year and the chance to get income for a player that came at zero cost.”

Pedro Mosquera: “We have four centre midfielders, we will see what happens in the summer, but what he needs to do is to work and convince the coach.”

Pending signings: “Right now we need to complete the operation of the goalkeeper, to close the issue of the left-back, something that we already spoken, and the issue of the striker, because the idea is to have three.”

Rolan: “We will have three strikers at the squad. If Rolan is one of them, perfect as he is already at the squad, but if Rolan leaves then another one will come.”



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