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23 Jul 2019
Gaku Shibasaki was presented on Monday’s morning, there was a lot of expectation with the Japanese and he was presented at the Riazor saying that the goal for the season is the direct promotion.

Unusual presentation at Deportivo, the attention of Japanese media for the signing of Gaku Shibasaki forced the club to make the act at the Riazor and not at Abegondo as in previous cases. Also, not only Carmelo del Pozo was there, but the whole board of directors and even Maya Yamamoto, the other Japanese player at the club that currently performs for Depor Ladies.

Del Pozo was saying that this is an important signing for Deportivo, “He made an economic and sporting sacrifice that was important enough to have it in mind. He could bear the weight of been the organizer of game at the team. He can break the lines running with the ball and has the personality to have the ball and construct the game. He is the ideal player that every team should have.”

Later Gaku talked to reporters, he talked in Spanish, but also needed an interpreter in some questions, “I thank the confidence of Carmelo and hope to bring a lot of things to this team in la liga. My goal is the same goal of Deportivo: the direct promotion to la liga. I know veteran players as example Bergantiños, but this club has a large history.”

He also clarified the position in which he is expecting to perform, “I am willing to perform as a centre midfielder and Deportivo have been thinking of me as a centre midfielder, so it is where I want to play.”

Finally, the Japanese player talked of his first impressions in A Coruña and his meeting with his compatriot Maya, “I didn’t know the city, but I think it’s fantastic. I only knew Maya from what I heard of her, but just talked to her and what I want is to fulfill the expectations that were created with me in the city.”



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