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02 Aug 2019
Playmaker Pedro Sánchez analyzed the pre-season of Deportivo, for him the team must remain focused and not talking about the promotion or other goals.

Pedro Sánchez debuted in the pre-season during the friendly game at Pasarón; one day later he talked to reporters after the training session. He was reflecting about what lies ahead for Deportivo, “You have to be stronger than ever. It’s a matter of recovering yourself, mentally and physically, and as well as possible. Let's work and forget about comparisons, it would be a mistake.”

“The most important thing is not to talk, because the more you talk, the worse. We have started from scratch, with new people and another beautiful challenge, but at the same time very tough challenge, a very difficult league, and above all we don't have to remember anything from last season, so that people are better.” He added.

The playmaker hopes to have a starting role as he had at the end of the previous season, “It just depends on me and the coach. I have to train at the top, my performance has to be as high as possible.”

He was satisfied with the performance of the team during the two friendly games at Pasarón, “The feelings are good. The team recovered from an adverse outcome and that will be good for the future. All pre-season stages are difficult for the physical load. So many training sessions… but the positive thing is that, later, you are better.”

Finally, Pedro Sánchez was praising the level of the academy players working with first team, “I take my hat off with the lads, I like what I see. They are really looking forward, I haven't seen players from the academy with this hunger since a long time ago. I like it. It’s good for them and for the team. They match the level, but it’s also true that with 20 years it’s difficult to know everything. We are here for that reason, to try to take them by the best road and to help them to grow.”



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