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03 Aug 2019
Depor’s coach addressed the media and talked of the preparations of the first team and the transfer window.

Juan Antonio Anquela addressed the media after Friday’s first training session. He was unaware of Mosquera’s exit and talked of what his team needs ahead of the new season. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Friendly games with Tenerife and Pontevedra: “We had good and bad moments. I believe the team was much better in the second game, the good thing against Tenerife is that we were able to react and that we fixed some errors. In a general sense, I am content with the work, especially with the daily work.”

What’s the main thing lacked by the team? “People are starting to put labels, and, do you know what you need to do at Segunda División? To compete. You need to run and anyone that isn’t running won’t have options, that’s clear to me. If you are good then you have to demonstrate it. You need to do that if you want to compete at Segunda División. Later the badge could be very big, but you won’t win with that and I am very clear about it. It’s my definition of the league.”

Fabril’s players: “They are at a very good level. For me it’s clear they need hunger and ambition. The goals are tough, and you can only achieve that with hard work. I saw in the games that they always matched the level. They now need to have responsibility and that will come little by little. There are lads that can give a step forward and, surely, they will do it.”

Is Mosquera leaving?: “I don’t know what’s happening with him. I am only worried of the next training. Football is like this. Soon we will go to a big war, and I will like to know who those soldiers are.” [the press conference took place before the club made the announcement of his exit].

Peru Nolaskoain: “We will talk of him when he arrives, because if not then it won’t happen. You start to talk of a player and later he ends at other place.”

Playing style: “The first thing is to play football. I always try this and it means to have balance. I like to see pretty football, but the question is if I can play it. We will try it. What we need to do is to follow the same path, because the only way to win is to have an agreement among everyone.”

Worried for not seeing more moves at the market? “No. I would love to see more speed, but I am not worried. I see the daily work and they aren’t stopped, things are difficult do you know? Football and economic subjects are together. You need to fit the numbers and there are people controlling it.” 

I have solutions, and people will arrive, but before other must leave. 17 days are left to start this and later you can have a player here, and on the second week he can be playing against you. I don’t like that. A serious league has a problem there. The only one affected is the coach, always the coach.”

Friendly with Ponferradina: “I will only look at the slate and see what players are available for that game. Since that point to try to make a team and continue growing. In previous years I was distributing minutes, now we are giving more minutes.”

Who can be the playmaker in a 4-3-3 draw? Vicente? “We have players for that role. Vicente has his role and has arrival, but it’s complicated to do it when you are backwards the goal, and I believe that we have people for that. “

Pedro Sánchez is available for the first game in liga: “We have good news, and it’s that we can count with him, they lifted the sanction and that’s good news [he was booked in the last game and was carrying a suspension].”

Worried for only having one centre forward: “I am not worried for the wingers, but for the fact of only having once forward moving at the centre. We have Borja Valle too, but we need to fix his position.”



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