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07 Aug 2019
Depor’s sporting director talked of the exit of Mosquera and confirmed that the midfielder was fired. He is also expecting to complete the operation for Peru Nolaskoain.

Carmelo Del Pozo addressed the media after the presentation of Luis Ruiz. He majorly talked of Pedro Mosquera, though he didn’t clarify the details of his exit, but confirmed that the midfielder was fired. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Peru Nolaskoain: “Athletic is a sir club, they are behaving as a real gentleman. We are working on that and, in the coming days, we will see if that possibility can take place. The lad gave an important step forward and I talked to him, the agreement is total and we need to wait.”

Pedro Mosquera: “We understand that Pedro, as a person and as a player, is from the first level, though it’s true there wasn’t a synergy with the sporting department about what he can give, and he wasn’t satisfied as he wasn’t participating, and the club understood that we needed to give a step forward. We decided to fire him and we are going to see what’s the cost.”

Why Mosquera was fired? “He had a long and important contract, and it was the only way to fix it. There are contracts that cannot be fixed in other ways. This decision was made this way because his contract was very important, and we needed to make a decision thinking of the future, I am fixing things for the future of Deportivo.”

Samuel Longo: “He is one more player. Right now, we have attacking players like Cartabia, Diego Rolan, Christian, Koné and Borja [Valle]. We must bring players that can help and must do it at the precise moment. We cannot make operations just for doing them. We must bring players that can give a lot of things.”

Is true that there’s interest of other clubs in Rolán? “There are options with certain players, and we are on that. Sometimes the media goes in one direction and it isn’t true, sometimes is true. For now, there’s nothing with him.”

Juan Carlos Real: “He is an interesting player, the player was thinking of other economical levels and we couldn’t match those requirements, from that point there wasn’t any development. His agent told us that he had offers from Primera and foreign leagues, and we understood that we were out.”

Róber: “We are negotiating with Levante and let’s see if we can reach an agreement.”

Can Depor compete on next season having Rolán and Cartabia? “At this point, for the season 2019/20, we have 21 players and can manage the wages with criterion.”

Are some exits pending to occur? “With one month left, we don’t know what could happen. We don’t know if they are going out or not. What I think is that the desires of the players affect this and also the balance of the team. “



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