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08 Aug 2019
New 1-0 victory for a Deportivo that played better when the lads from Fabril were playing. Christian Santos scored the winning goal.

The rival for the penultimate game in the pre-season was Unionistas de Salamanca CF, a Segunda B club that was organizing the XX edition of the Ramón Lozada trophy. Coach Juan Antonio Anquela picked David Simón for the first time in the pre-season. New signing Luis Ruiz was also in. Diego Rolán was still injured, while Koné, Cartabia and Bóveda were rested as they were dragging issues.

As it was expected, the starting lineup was full of Fabril’s players as the Teresa Herrera takes place on Saturday. Seven of the eleven starters were players from Fabril. Christian Santos was returning after surpassing an Achilles injury.

The game had a good pace since the start, the first chance to score was for Javi Sánchez, who entered the area by the left side to release a low shot that was deflected to corner-kick (9’). Two minutes later Portilla attempted for the locals with a low shot that went out.

Gerard Valentín could have scored at minute 16, it was a counterattack that left him alone before keeper Brais, he surpassed the goalie, but his final shot was cleared by a defender. Depor pressed a lot on the left flank and the goal was close to arrive in a new action on that side, this time the attempt of Vicente Gómez was deflected by a defender and later hit the crossbar (34’).

Two minutes later Javi Sánchez entered by the right his shot was deflected to corner-kick, in the next play Vicente Gómez collected a loose ball inside the area, then he released a strong shot that went close to the crossbar.

Then Deportivo found the goal., Javi Sánchez, one of the best players in the game, released a volley from the left, the ball was headed by a defender, but he only assisted Christian Santos, who pushed the ball in from the box. The Galicians continued insisting and Javi Sánchez attempted with a drilling shot that was caught by Brais (40’). One minute later the same player was unable to score after been left alone before the keeper, his attempt went wide.

The second half was more equal, with a Unionistas that started to push, while Depor had problems creating game. Gaku, Borja Valle and David Simón were the first substitutions. Gaku was close to score at minute 68, this after heading a corner-kick that was deflected.

Then the pace of the game was affected as Depor made seven substitutions (Lampropoulos, Somma, Luis Ruiz, Caballo, Aketxe, Álex and Borja Galán). Luis Ruiz was debuting with the team. The locals started to have a better control of the actions, though without having chances to score.

Meanwhile, Depor was arriving from time to time and Aketxe has the next chance after been assisted by David Simón, but he missed the target (77’). There were no more chances to score in a second half in which Depor missed the ideas of the first part, though the expected starters were the ones playing in this half. .

Unionistas: Brais - Pedro López, Gallego, Zubiri, Álvaro Santos – Ribelles, Garrido - Javi Navas, De La Nava, Portilla - avid Grande
Deportivo: Koke Vegas – Valín (David Simón 63’), Bourdal (Lampropoulos 72’), Mujaid (Somma 72’), Martí Vilà (Luis Ruiz 72’) – Gandoy (Caballo 72’), Vicente Gómez (Gaku 63’), Gerard Valentín (Borja Galán 72’) – David Sánchez (Álex Bergantiños 72’), Christian Santos (Borja Valle 63’), Javi Sánchez (Aketxe 72’).
Goal: 0-1: (38’) Christian Santos
Venue: La Veigona



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