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14 Aug 2019
La Liga starts this weekend and Deportivo have almost closed the squad for the new campaign. There are four pending issues before the market closes its doors in three weeks.

The new Segunda season starts this weekend, the market will close its doors in three weeks and Deportivo are about to close the squad. There are 21 players currently at the first team and four pending issues for Carmelo Del Pozo in order to finalize the summer.

1- Nolaskoain and the role of third centre-back: Carmelo del Pozo clearly explained that there won’t be a fourth centre-back at the first team as the role will be fulfilled by other players or by the members of the academy, but he never clarified the situation of a third centre-back.

Currently Depor only have Michele Somma and Vassilios Lampropoulos for the centre of the defence and a third choice is needed in a long tournament as the Segunda División. Peru Nolaskoain was signed at the end of last week and he can perform there, but it seems that the Athletic loanee is coming in the attempt to compete for a slot at midfield territory (the player will be presented on Wednesday). It remains open the chance to sign a player for this position.

2- The future of Róber Pier: Carmelo del Pozo has always referred to Róber as a current centre-back at the team, but it’s obvious that the Galician player doesn’t want to belong to Depor. He is currently injured and won’t be available until 2020 and is not even in A Coruña despite having a contract with the club. There are reports about ongoing negotiations with Levante UD and his final exit in inevitable.

3- Searching for a new top-scorer: One of the conclusions of the pre-season is that Deportivo need a goal-scorer, neither Christian Santos nor Borja Valle seem ready for the role and the club is searching for alternatives. In recent days the name of Samuele Longo has been mentioned as a target, the 27-year-old attacker has been making the pre-season with Inter Milan and has experience at Segunda, he scored 14 goals with Girona FC during the campaign 2016/17, one season later he netted 12 with CD Tenerife.

4- Releasing players with high wages: Players like Juanfran Moreno and Pedro Mosquera left Deportivo because their wages were too high for the economy of the club, and there are two players that remain at the team that could leave for the same reason: Diego Rolán and Fede Cartabia.

It has been reported that Uruguayan Rolán has the highest wages at the team and his exit is more than necessary, the problem is that Carmelo del Pozo hasn’t find a club for him after his poor 2018/19 season. But his exit is more than expected. In the case of Cartabia, the player wanted to stay, but the club is expecting to complete his exit in the coming days. If the Argentine leaves, then the club will sign a replacement.



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