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14 Aug 2019
There are big differences among the 22 clubs that will compete at Segunda División, and the situation at the transfer market is one of them. From clubs that almost closed their squads to others that barely have 11 men for the first matchday.

One more year at Segunda División -now called SmartBank league- and the big differences among the clubs remain the same, and that difference is related to the financial discipline of the same clubs, something that can be noticed in their transfer policy and their current situation with the competition starting this weekend.

There are clubs living in a cloud like Real Zaragoza, side that just announced Shinji Kagawa and that suddenly dream with the promotion, or Almeria UD, club that suddenly found a new owner -Turki Al-Sheikh- promising to invest money, not only in the team but also in a new stadium.

Recently related clubs Rayo Vallecano, SD Huesca and Girona FC will have the highest salary caps in the league and their situation looks stable. Meanwhile, there are clubs that have been working without the same noise and that have prepared relatively strong squads, like the cases of Cádiz CF (10 signings so far) or Sporting Gijón (8). Deportivo can be included in this group as Carmelo del Pozo has practically closed the team.
But the other side of the picture comes with the clubs having problems with the salary cap, and it’s that there are clubs living a nightmare as the league starts this weekend and they don’t even know if they will have enough players to compete.

The most dramatic situation is lived by Málaga CF. Owner Al Thani is having a high pressure from the public as the club has a deficit of 12 million euros in the salary cap and La Liga has only allowed them to inscribe 11 players.

Similar is the situation at UD Las Palmas, ex-Depor Pepe Mel complained during the weekend that they have only inscribed 17 players for the first matchday and that they aren’t allowed to make signings, because the current wages already surpassed their limit.

And during the weekend it was revealed that Elche CF are living a similar situation. The Andalusians are dreaming with the promotion, but they haven’t been able to inscribe their six signings (Fidel, Pere Milla, Mfulu, Ramon Folch, San Román & Andoni López), because they already used the 4 million euros stipulated in their salary cap.  Currently they are trying to increase the club’s capital in order to make room for the new additions.



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