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27 Aug 2019
The coach and the players are conscious that the game was poor and that a lot still to be done, but want to be cautious as the league is only starting.

Juan Antonio Anquela was very disappointed with the level shown by Deportivo, "The impression left is not what we want. We have made very serious mistakes, important mistakes; and in this league this has a big price. Especially against a rival like Huesca, side that has played very good football today, because we haven’t been at the level that we can give.”

"You concede goals, because the goals have been three losses in relatively comfortable positions and in easy balls. And you don't have to go around the matter anymore. The opponent claims the lead and with an opponent of the level and quality of Huesca ... they have played at ease. We wanted to react in the second half and we couldn’t do it. We have been fighting until the end, but in general we are very far from what we have. We have a serious problem, which is that we receive too many goals. Until that is fixed, in Segunda Division you are not going in the right way." He added.

The Andalusian coach continued insisting with the big errors committed by his team, "When a team doesn’t win the duels and the secondary plays, and we haven’t done throughout the first part, then it’s unthinkable that you can win the match, at least in this league. We have to watch that."

In any case, Anquela doesn’t want to ring the alarm bells, "Right now everything looks dark. We are hot right now, sad, and we aren’t fine enough to think and analyze things. You have to calm down, see what’s happening and then go along the path that suits us, everyone".

Eneko Bóveda was having a similar opinion as he said that Depor need to analyzed the problems with a cool head, “This match will work out, because we will all get positive things together, I wouldn’t like to dramatize, because we try to be humble in the victories, so we better not live agonies when we lose, we know that all the league matches aren’t going to end in a victory. It has been a bad afternoon, we have much to improve and look inward at each other, but the cooler the analysis is, the better.”

Same was the opinion of Álex Bergantiños, “We all want to offer the best possible image, but we all know how the league is. Within the first matchdays, with the market still open and the heat, the results are weird. We neither were as good as it seemed after the Teresa Herrera nor are as bad as it looks right now. They interpreted the game in the best way and we always felt like we were arriving late to the plays.”

At SD Huesca, coach Michel was very happy with his team, “For the entity of the rival and the intensity we have shown, it has been a great game. But these are still only three points and we are at the beginning, so there are many games left. This is the path to follow, because we have played as a team. You have a very good team, but flattery is not going to make us strong, but to weaken. You need to have your head in place, because this has just begun, but I’m very satisfied because we wanted to see a very good team and people get hooked." 




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