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09 Sep 2019
Undeserved defeat for a Deportivo that’s now bearing the pressure of past sins. Five players debuted and four of them had a decent performance. But the use of the VAR was the thing that was calling the attention of the fans.

The seven notes from the game with Albacete

1- Undeserved: No matter the opinion that anyone could have with this season’s Deportivo, it must be admitted that the team didn’t deserve to lose this game. Actually, this is one of the most unfair results seen at the Riazor in years. Albacete only had two chances, one created by Depor itself after a poor clearance of Montero (43’) and the penalty. Meanwhile, the locals hit the crossbar in three opportunities (27’, 69’ & 90+2’). There was also a disallowed goal (69’) and a couple of clear chances, like the header of Christian Santos (90’). It cannot be said that the team didn’t try.

2- A jammed team in attack: The result could be unfair, but a thing to be worried is the lack of strength of the team in attacking plays. Albacete was a very limited team, without presence in attack and locked at the back, and they only suffered at the end before a Depor that was jammed. In the first half the team only appeared with Mollejo on the right and the set-pieces of Aketxe. The rest was a concert of bad passes and good intentions. Neither things improved too much in the second part, only the result pushed the Galicians to harass a rival that ended with ten men.

3- The burden of pressure: The worst enemy of Deportivo for this season is living in the inside. The big disappointment for that happened last season is translated into this campaign and each defeat is  looking bigger of what it really implies, and with three defeats after four games the pressure can now be unbearable, inevitably the coach and the players must learn how to live with it if they want to change the picture.

4- The new ones: The five signings made on deadline day debuted in this game. The one with the best performance was Javi Montero, he committed an error that almost cost a goal (43’), but in a general sense he improved a defence that needed a fix. He recovered 8 balls and completed 70 passes, actually it was him the one responsible of the output of the ball, and he had a decent 86% pass accuracy. The other player coming from Atlético, Víctor Mollejo, also had a good debut. He truly made bad decisions, but at least was showing up in a team that needs references. He completed five shots and had a disallowed goal.

Meanwhile, Salva Ruiz didn’t have problems in defence facing a rival that wasn’t attacking, he even joined the attacks and it was him who assisted Mollejo in the play of the disallowed goal. Then Beto da Silva only played 11 minutes, but the Peruvian striker completed a key pass and had the chance to tie the game, but he met the woodwork (90+2’). Finally, Saša Jovanović was the only one with a mediocre debut, he replaced Borja Galán and didn’t do anything, just lost the ball in seven opportunities.

5- Aketxe: So far Ager Aketxe is the best signing of the season. Little more can be asked for him, maybe to not lose the ball in one-on-one actions, in this game he was always dangerous in set-pieces, he hit the post once (27’) and smashed the ball in the wall in the added time. But he was also precise in normal plays, he had a 96% pass accuracy, completed 51 passes and was the player with more shots (6).

6- The changes of Anquela: Once again the coach left the feeling of not guessing right with the changes. Borja Galán was having a bad game, with many errors in attack that led him to lose the ball in 13 opportunities. The performance of Koné was also discreet, but the Ivorian attacker was looking better in the second half and Anquela pulled him out before Galán. In the press room he just said that it was “in order to refresh the attack”, but he could have pulled Koné into the left. Later the other two changes came and didn’t have an impact in the game.

7- The VAR: First big polemic game for Depor with the VAR. There were three plays that were questioned. The first was a possible foul of Montero over Azamoum at the first play. The centre-back tried to clear the ball in an acrobatic move and the action could easily be whistled as a penalty or at least an indirect free-kick. But the referees didn’t even check the action using the VAR system.

Later the disallowed goal to Mollejo for apparently pushing the keeper before heading the ball in (69’). The winger touched the keeper, but that doesn’t imply a foul and once again the referees didn’t even use the VAR. And one minute later the play of the penalty, a free-kick in which the ball hit David Simón and not even after five minutes of re-watching the play it was clear if it touched his arm or not. The clear thing is that the referees need a better criterion at the moment of deciding if a play should be re-watched or not.



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