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15 Sep 2019
Big win for Deportivo, the ladies suffered in the first half and later unleashed the goals in the second part. Gaby and Peke scored braces.

First away game for Deportivo at Liga Iberdrola, Coach Manu Sánchez was having the casualties for injury reasons of Silvia Mérida, Miriam, Érika and Maya YamamotoAthenea del Castillo was a starter after impressing in his debut with RCD Espanyol. Maria Méndez was also a starter at the centre of the defence.

The game was open, Betis dominated in the first half and deserved more than a draw, but in the second part Deportivo unleashed their power and seized the big errors of the local defence. Sullastres made key saves, but also failed in two of the goals that came in corner-kick actions.

The game started with the goal of Deportivo, Athenea drilled a long pass and left Peke alone against local goalie Méline Gerard and she didn’t miss from close range. After the goal, Betis started to press and dominated the actions. Sullastres made two saves against Cazalla (4’) and Irene Guerrero (5’).

But Depor were also trying to attack and Athenea was close to score with an attempt that Gerard cleared to corner-kick (8’). At minute 17, Szymanowski made a great play and his shot met the woodwork. In the next play Priscilia had an attempt that Sullastres cleared to corner-kick.

Betis found the deserved equalizer in a corner-kick, Ana González met the ball inside the area and scored from close range. At this height in the game, the locals were totally controlling the actions and the second goal could have arrived at minute 29, Sullastres failed to control the ball in a lateral free-kick and Laura had to clear the ball from the goal line.

Then Iris committed a penalty over Rosa Márquez and Priscilia had the chance to claim the lead from the spot, but she hit the crossbar and the ball went out (38’). Fedorova had the clearest chance to score the second, he dribbled Sullastres and later missed the target before an empty net (44’).

The second half was electric and witnessed a Deportivo that unleashed their aim. The half started with a great opportunity for the Galician Ladies, again Peke appeared and Gerard made the save (47’).  And three minutes later the Ladies scored their second goal in the game, it was a corner-kick of Tere Abelleira that Gaby headed in before Gerard.

Athenea del Castillo hit the post after been assisted by Gaby (54’), and one minute later the third goal arrived, it was a counterattack with Athenea making the run and drilling a pass that Peke pushed in.

The party continued and Tere Abelleira was close to score the fourth goal in a free-kick in which Gerard had to make the save (68’). The first substitution was the entry of Michelle Romero for Athenea, and in the next play the second goal for Betis arrived. Sullastres failed to contain the ball in a corner-kick and Marta Cazalla didn’t miss from close range.

Betis started to press searching for the equalizer, but Depor found the space to release a deadly counterattack that meant the fourth goal. It was a three-on-one action in which the initial attempt of Peke was deflected and Gaby was there to score with a strong shot.

Kika and Carlota Sánchez entered at the end of the meeting, and Betis found a third goal, and again with Sullastres failing to contain the ball in a corner-kick, this time substitute Michaela Abam was the one that pushed the ball in.

Betis: (4-2-3-1) Méline Gerard – Ana González, Cazalla, Paula Perea, Nana – Fedorova (Abam 58’), Irene – Rosa Márquez (Ana Hernández 70’), Bea Parra (Martina Piemonte 56’), Szymanowski (Otermín 73’) – Priscilia.
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Sullastres - Cris, Laura, Villegas, María Méndez – Iris (Kika 89’), Tere Abelleira, Alba Merino, Gaby – Peke (Carlota Sánchez 90+2’), Athenea (Michelle Romero 72’).
Goals: 0-1: (2’) Peke, 1-1: (24’) Ana González, 1-2: (51’) Gaby, 1-3: (56’) Peke, 2-3: (73’) Cazalla, 2-4: (82’) Gaby, 3-4: (90+4’) Abam
Referee: Ylenia Sánchez Miguel. She showed yellow card to Cris (43’), Ana González (67’) & Iris (79’)
Venue: Luis del Sol





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