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08 Oct 2019
The coach and the players were content with the performance of the team, but at the same time they are aware that it isn’t enough to break the negative moment lived by the team.

Coach Juan Antonio Anquela was disappointed with the final result, “Evidently this point tastes too little. For what the game was, I believe we deserved much more and therefore the point tastes like too little. I feel sad, because the work done by my players hasn’t been corresponded with the points that we have.” 

The Andalusian man didn’t know if he was going to continue in his job, but said that he is aware that the results haven’t been good, "I am a winner and I am not giving to Deportivo what they deserve. We are proud of what we have done, because we know how things work and because we have worked hard every day. Football has been killing me since a while ago, but I remain alive."

He admitted the expulsion of Javi Montero was fair, but sent a message to the referees about past mistakes, “We were only thinking of winning, we tried to win, even with ten men, because we had confidence in what we were doing. It was a fair expulsion. The VAR worked today, the other day against Mirandés, it didn't work [he growled]."

Anquela also pointed out that the consistency throughout the game as the best news from this meeting, “What I liked the most from this game is that we had continuity. In other games we reacted until been trailing. Today, relatively, we made a good game with the weight of only having a few points.”

In midweek, Lampropoulos apologized for an error that cost a goal. Now it was Javi Montero, who used twitter to said sorry for his red card, “I want to apologize for the expulsion and for leaving the team with ten men. It was an impulse that won’t happen again, I want to apologize to the fans and the Deportivismo. We will keep working and fighting.”

Captain Álex Bergantiños had a bittersweet taste with the game, “I’m proud for the work done by my teammates, this was a game in order to have personality, to be more daring in offense. In that sense we did our job and the team was braver pressing up front, we had more combinations. I believe we made the most complete game on the season, pity about the result. The team tried until the end.”

He tried to show support for Anquela, “Sometimes it’s hard to administrate the situation. We are a team with a lot of new people, we are too impulsive in many games. Right now the situation is complicated as nobody trust us for been down there. The coach suffers with us, he lives a bad moment studying the games, but the results aren’t arriving. It isn’t the matter of the players to decide if the coach should continue, I can only valorize the good game that we did today. I only say that Anquela is a great professional, we believe in his job, but doesn’t know if that is enough.”

Víctor Mollejo was content with the performance of the team, “It was a good game in the first half, we had the initiative since the start and therefore the rival says beware! In the past games the rival had the initiative, but now we dominated the game since the start, but in the end we are missing the luck to add the three points. Still, we must be proud for the game made today. They are a good team and are currently second, but today we demonstrated that we deserve to be higher. Today was a good day to say that we can do it”

The winger was also happy with the support by the public at the Riazor, “The public was great, they were always supporting us and truly we cannot ask if we don’t give things, but today we gave everything and the public was with us. The fans understand us, and they pushed until the end. We can only thank them.”

On Monday, Peru Nolaskoain was emphasizing that Depor showed a different face in this game, “A different game was seen, a different team was seen. We were all aware that we had to take a step forward and the team took it. We lack confidence to combine in attack and in defense to not make mistakes, but a different Deportivo was seen and this is the way.”

At UD Almeria, coach Pedro Emanuel was content with the performance of his team and confessed that the goal was the clean sheet, “We have worked very well, organized and competitive. The balance was important and we were patient to wait for our moment to make a difference to look for the three points. We had a shot to the post by Juan Muñoz. We tried, but the changes conditioned us in the last minutes. From six games away from home we have obtained nine points. We have done a great game, because the opponent wasn’t going to allow to do much and it has been an exciting game until the end. The clean sheet was what we were looking for, because we came from not playing well at El Molinón and we had to improve. A step back is necessary to take two ahead and have confidence. Anyone will have difficulties in this league.” 






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