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14 Oct 2019
Debut for Luis César in what has turned to be the worst game of Deportivo on the season. The Galicians did nothing and the game was already resolved at half-time.

Luis César Sampedro was making his debut with Deportivo presenting the expected lineup, which included the debut of Fabril’s Jorge Valín, the 19-year-old defender was covering the right side in defense.

Dani Giménez was the starting goalie, Salva Ruiz covered the left side in defense, the right was for Valín. Eneko Bóveda and Peru Nolaskoain covered the central positions. Álex Bergantiños and Vicente Gómez performed at midfield. Borja Galán and Borja Valle attacked from the wings, Ager Aketxe was the playmaker and Samuel Longo was the centre forward.

At UD Las Palmas, Pepe Mel also presented the expected formation. 22-year-old goalkeeper Álvaro Valles was making his debut, Tomáš Pekhart was the centre forward, and the other references in attack were Jonathan Viera and Pedri González.

Another disastrous first half for Deportivo, the Galicians simply did nothing against a rival that felt very comfortable and that rounded their performance in the first part with two goals. Pedri was a headache for a clueless defensive line.

The game started with a chance for the locals, a low cross from the right wing and into the path of Tomáš Pekhart, who couldn’t control the ball properly and ended in the arms of Dani Giménez (1’). Depor were confused the whole first half, it had doubts in defense and wasn’t appearing in attack.

Deportivo’s first approximation in the game was an error of Álvaro Lemos, who made a bad back pass and Salva Ruiz was about to dribble Álvaro Valles, but the local goalie cleared the danger (7’).

And it wasn’t a surprise when the first goal arrived for UD Las Palmas. Pedri drilled the ball into the area and between both centre-backs, and Tomáš Pekhart was there to drill the ball in. There was no reaction from the visiting side and the Canarians continued dominating the game at will.

The first chance for Deportivo in the game was a free-kick of Ager Aketxe in which his volley went out (24’). One minute later the Galicians completed their first attempt on target, it was a header of Borja Valle that was caught by Álvaro Valles.

But UD Las Palmas were still looking dangerous, at minute 29, Pedri released a low shot after a free-kick and Dani Giménez made the save at the near post. And the second goal arrived for the locals, it was a secondary play after a corner-kick in which Pedri released a high cross that Tomáš Pekhart headed at the far post past Dani Giménez. Depor tried within the final minutes, but it never found the way to break the deadlock.

Deportivo continued to be the same dreadful team of the first part, only a couple of approximations in set-pieces of Aketxe. UD Las Palmas were more passive and it was the only reason why they didn’t clinch a biggest score.

The game didn’t change too much in the second part, perhaps the main difference was that UD Las Palmas were now more passive. They were waiting at their side of the field trying to release a counterattack, and Deportivo continued to be unable to interpret the game.

They simply didn’t know how to surpass the first lane of pressure from the local team, and once again their first attempt came in a set-piece. It was a corner-kick in which the cross of Aketxe was punched out by Álvaro Valles (53’).

The Canarians, despite their passive behavior, were looking closer to score. At minute 59, a long run of Jonathan Viera ended with a low shot that was blocked with difficulties by Dani Giménez. Then Luis César made two changes, Christian Santos and Saša Jovanović replaced Borja Galán and Vicente Gómez, and the duo only entered to find a penalty whistled against their team.

It was a corner-kick action in which Jonathan Viera picked the ball at the left side of the area, he was fouled by Salva Ruiz and the referee whistled the penalty. The same Jonathan Viera scored the third goal from the spot.

The goal killed the game (if it wasn’t defined before). Depor spent the last twenty minutes as a ghost, without knowing what to do. But the Galicians had two chances within the final fifteen minutes. The first was a direct free-kick attempt of Aketxe that Álvaro Valles barely deflected (75’), and later Longo had a blocked shot after collecting a cross from the right (77’).

But UD Las Palmas had things clearer and were closer to score. The fourth goal could have arrived at minute 81, Pedri assisted Pekhart, and the chipping attempt from the striker ended hitting the far post. Iago Gandoy was the last substitution as he replaced Borja Valle.

Pathetic game from Deportivo. A change was expected with the arrival of Luis César, but the team evens showed a worse face compared to previous presentations with Anquela. Only a couple of chances in set-pieces for Aketxe, and UD Las Palmas could have even scored more goals, but they preferred to be passive in the second part.

Deportivo have now spent ten matchdays without winning and is now the bottom club at Segunda División. The next game is against another team in crisis: Málaga CF (Riazor, Sunday, 16h00 CET).

Las Palmas: (4-2-3-1) Álvaro Valles - Álvaro Lemos, Mantovani, Aythami, De la Bella - Kirian Rodríguez, Fabio González - Slavoljub Srnić (Cristian Cedrés 84’), Jonathan Viera (Dani Castellano 90’), Pedri – Pekhart (Javi Castellano 86’).
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Dani Giménez – Valín, Bóveda, Nolaskoain, Salva Ruiz – Álex Bergantiños, Vicente Gómez (Saša Jovanović 62’) – Borja Galán (Christian Santos 62’), Aketxe, Borja Valle (Iago Gandoy 84’) - Longo.
Goals: 1-0: (14’) Pekhart, 2-0: (31’) Pekhart, 3-0: (65’) Jonathan Viera (penalty)
Referee: Luis Mario Milla Alvendiz. He showed yellow card to Mantovani (23’), Vicente Gómez (38’), Peru Nolaskoain (46’), Slavoljub Srnić (55’), Álex Bergantiños (70’) & Aythami (75’).
VAR Official: Jon Ander González Esteban. No actions were revised.
Venue: Estadio de Gran Canaria (14,795)
Other statistics: Ball possession (58% - 42%); Attempts to score (7 – 2); Total shots (13 - 7); Shots on target (7 - 1); Saves by the keepers (1 – 4); Corner-kicks (5 - 8); Offsides (2 - 2); Fouls committed (11 – 14); Passing accuracy (81% - 71%)



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