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15 Oct 2019
The coach was disappointed with his debut, but he wants to forger the result and start preparing the next game. Vicente said the same thing.

Coach Luis César Sampedro was disappointed with his debut at Deportivo, “The result is very bad. You can have three results in a game: to win, draw or lose, and then you have the situation of been defending and attacking badly, very bad things. We must learn of what happened and we will do it. This is a painful lesson, because no one likes to lose 0-3. But you win or learn each week. Each game leaves a lesson and we will check it in depth. The debut was pretty bad.”

The Galician manager was admitting that the players are affected by the current situation, “The defeats are leaving a mark, people are sad and depressed. We must recover, because every game is different. The match with Málaga is starting right now, and it all starts watching with calm what we did wrong on here, which is a lot of things. You win or learn and we need to improve. We must look at our defence, our attack, our counterattack and in which phases we were bad. We don’ t like this moment, but football is a matter of been sad or happy. Since Tuesday we need to improve the bad things.”

“In the end we must stand up, we need to be depressed by a fair amount and need to be happy for a fair amount too. If we would be in a good streak, then I would be telling you that we must forget and prepare for the next game. And since we lost, I say that we need to forget and prepare the next game. And for the result we are already losing 0-1 with Málaga. Each game is a story and must try to improve and grow as a team. The players are sad, they are human beings, things aren’t arriving by three points and they are frustrated.” He added.

Luis César also refused to talk of the goal of Depor for the remaining of the season, “The goal is to win the next game. I don’t know the goal of others. I don’t know who is going to be promoted. This league is tough and we are only at matchday 11. Since I don’ have any idea of where the 22 teams will end, then I don’ t know the goal.”

He ended refusing the idea that Depor lacked intensity, “It wasn’t a matter of will. The team was uncomfortable and blocked. There wasn’t apathy and neither lacked determination. When a team loses you always talk of intensity, and lack of intensity isn’t the motive. The players suffered and they don’t want to suffer. Everybody likes to win an be recognized. There are people committed inside the changing room and surely we will move forward.”

Vicente Gómez was having similar ideas than the coach, “We all see that we aren’t well, from the self-criticism we must be united. This is a very difficult situation. We must accept what the coach tells us and from today to forget all of this, and later concentrate on the next training and the next match.”

Jorge Valín debuted with Deportivo, but he was sad due to the current situation, “I cannot deny that it’s a dream to play with Deportivo, but the result has been really bad and I cannot be happy although I would love to. It’s a bittersweet taste. We know that this is long and we can only work, what we did is already in the past, we must be focused in what’s about to come.”

At UD Las Palmas, Pepe Mel was really happy with the performance of his team, “The team is growing a lot. They are getting bigger and better. Pedri is a scandal, Fabio is increasingly a safer player, Kirian has done very well, Valles too, De la Bella seems to be 20... The team is not just Jonathan and Pedri, there are many things. When we lose the ball, we all work together and that’s what I like most. A clean sheet at Segunda División is very important.” 




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