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17 Oct 2019
Winger Víctor Mollejo is convinced that the team and the fans must be united, and also believe that the players are capable of turning thing around.

Víctor Mollejo was named as the best player in September, the 18-year-old player talked to the media on Wednesday; he is aware of the criticism for the poor moment of the team, “It is normal to think that we aren’t so good. If we are the bottom club right now, it is because we haven’t demonstrated anything. Whoever sees the training knows that there are good players. We have to accept the criticism and prove things.”

The winger doesn’t believe that the team is missing leaders inside the changing room, “Not at all. I am not seeing lack of leadership. In fact, after the games there are always people who speak, people who are cheering up. People that come and, despite the defeats, try to get a smile. Veteran people, young people... I don't think that's a problem.”

He is conscious that the players aren’t showing their best individual level, “It's a sensitive issue, the team has to come up and be positive. I come from winning with the national team, with another mentality. Let's see if Montero and the others that come with the changed chip can give that joy to the group.”

Mollejo also believes that the current situation isn’t too much taking in mind his age, “Personally, these kinds of experiences come in handy. In a club like Atlético, playing the Champions League, you are used to something else. But this is also a big club and this situation suits us all, teams are forged in this kind of moments. Depor, if it isn’t the best club in Segunda, is one of the best and has to be up.”

He was also sending a message to the fans, "To the fans to say that it is a very complicated situation, but now is when we need to be together.” Finally, he Mollejo refused to talk of promotion and prefers to focus in the next game, "Depor have to think about the game against Malaga, you can't think beyond that.”



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