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22 Oct 2019
Luis César debuted at the Riazor and the team played even worse than with Anquela, the defensive errors prevailed throughout the game and Málaga CF solved everything despite having a poor pass ratio.

The five notes from the game Vs. Málaga CF:

1- Worse than with Anquela: Just when the fans were expecting for a reaction in the debut of Luis César at the Riazor, Depor ended playing worse than when the coach was Anquela. And it’s that Depor not even had problems in the output of the ball and to create scoring chances, the big errors than Anquela never fixed, but also committed defensive errors throughout the game that served the victory to Málaga CF. With Anquela those errors also existed but only in punctual moments of the games. For this reason, Depor gave the feeling of been imploding with the passage of the matchdays.

2- Not learning the lessons with the lineup: A strange thing is that Luis César seems to have failed in learning the lessons from the recent past, because, he continues to play with the same formula of Anquela: two centre midfielders that end up opening big lagoons to the rivals, he also keeps playing with a system that needs wingers with depth when he doesn’t have that profile at the squad, same system that condemns the centre forward to be an isolated island that only gets one or two chances per game, sometimes not even that.

3- The defensive distractions: The nightmare of the game were the constant errors in defence, between bad passes, wrong decisions in the output of the ball and distractions in set-pieces, Depor served the game to Málaga CF. The first goal was a distraction defending a corner-kick in which no one was covering the far post, the second was an error of Dani Giménez trying to clear a long throw, but before the keeper had saved Depor after several bad passes from Montero and Salva Ruiz. A total defensive disaster.

4- The positioning on the pitch Twelve matchdays have passed and Depor’s players still without learning when they must stand on the field, this lack of positioning is causing problems in defense as the defenders are constantly arriving late. In this game it called the attention that Gaku and Aketxe were always stepping into the zone where the free-kicks and corner-kicks were taking place, and it only meant to waste a man at the moment of defending a possible counterattack. At minute 37, a bad corner unleased a counterattack that Depor had to defend with nine men as both Gaku and Aketxe were delayed as both were at the left corner of the field.

5- Málaga created 8 chances with only a pass ratio of 36% The unthinkable, Málaga CF didn’t play a good game, they failed so much passes that their ratio was only 36%, but still they deserved to win after creating 8 chances to score. What happened is that the Andalusians failed a lot in the output of the ball, and in the second half ended asphyxiated, but what they only needed to do was to release long throws and Depor did the rest killing themselves with constant errors that the visiting side was capitalizing. Sadiku, before scoring the second goal, had two chances to score only by running after the ball and after bad passes from Depor and a pretty bad positioning on the pitch.



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