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22 Oct 2019
The coach and the players were trying to explain a new disaster, from the tactical view of Luis César to the confessions of Bóveda about been feeling frozen on the pitch.

Coach Luis César Sampedro was talking of the miseries of his team, “I am worried, because we are showing weakness and vulnerability, and I have to eradicate that. We were nervous, tense and vulnerable, and you need to be worried, because things aren’t working as you wish. I have to recheck everything, the movements between the lanes, collective and individual performance, and let’s see what worked and what need to be fixed. This is only corrected in we work harder and if we choose better, there’s no other way. For my experience things can only be fixed that way, only work and work. The rival, without doing too much, they won fairly, but the 80% of the result was for our fault and it cannot be like that. It was a painful day.”

The Galician coach was saying that Depor have reached the bottom, “We are in that phase where things aren’t working out, the individual and collective performances are too low and we are showing our vulnerabilities. We are down there in the mud, but I am not worried, because I have been there in the mud, in relegation places and we can only work. We will go up working harder and better. We won’t fix things only by been sad. I don’t like to be in the mud, but know how things are.”

He was asked why he insists in playing with the same lineup, “I don’t look at the last game, in the end we have a group of players. I had some players only for four days after the game with Las Palmas. I made the lineup today thinking it was the best, and I failed. Nothing more. It’s not a matter of insisting, we will see what can be changed. Maybe we need to change players, we will see. I didn’t like the team. We have been here for ten days and things aren’t working. When a team has spent ten matchday without winning, there are individual performances that are bad, and I am seeing the things that need to be fixed. There’s no other way. This isn’t pleasant, but this is our job. There are players that aren’t matching their best level, what do we do with them? Remove them? Or to continue trusting them? We can work, choose other ones, insist with them or the three choices at the same time.”

Luis César said again that Depor cannot be only content thinking of the salvation, “We are Depor and cannot be thinking that the salvation is the only goal, off course not.” He ended talking of Montero and his distractions in defense, “A player commits an error, then he lacks concentration for been thinking of the error, and it comes the next chance for the rival, and it happened to us before. That’s a mental problem, lack of concentration for been thinking of the last play and not of the next one. We need to fix this, with hard work, tactical work and mental, and if not to put another player.”

Borja Valle was talking of the situation inside the changing room, “We are screwed, with pain and anger, because the situation we are living is complicated, the opposite of what was marked at the start. Things aren’t working and, despite we try, you are feeling screwed as things don’t work.”

But the striker denied that Depor must be resigned to fight only for the permanence, “Don’t tell me your stories. Truly the situation isn’t good and things aren’t working, but I am not giving up to think of our goal. We must think of the permanence and would sign it right now, but must be also ambitious and continue growing.”

Eneko Bóveda was trying to explain what happens with Depor, “Trying to explain things only looking to the tactical aspects will lead us to nowhere, this has to do with the psychological aspect. It’s frustrated to be thinking for seven days of Málaga and later see the team within the first fifteen minutes… those fifteen minutes are difficult to explain, I guess tough situations merge there and this can only be fixed if we try everyday.”

The defender was confessing that the players are feeling panic on the pitch, “The confidence seems to be an easy thing, you think of the game during the week and start imagining the scenarios, but later you go out to the pitch and you have that feeling of frozen legs, a situation we have had in the home games, it’s contagious and each player must be responsible to give confidence to the rest, and you do that winning a duel or making a play. It is what happens, sometimes you see a game from an upper league and see the one performing at your position, and you think, hey, I can do that. But later you are there in a lower league and feel screwed. We need to be cooler in order to manage this situation.”

Víctor Sánchez del Amo was happy for the result of his Málaga CF, and also analyzed why Depor have reached the bottom, “The clubs in which there are problems in management, it end up affecting the sporting aspect, but management problems have to be resolved from management, and sporting problems, from the sporting aspect. We have problems in management and a competitive disadvantage with respect to rivals. If your ankle hurts, you can't bandage your hand.” 




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